A few life hacks that might just come in handy (20 Photos)

  • brian

    Friiiiiidddaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not first tho

    • Dad

      Your mom should've swallowed you

      • Neighbor

        Yours should have raised you better.

  • Drew

    #7 A porno addict's best friend.

    • porno addict

      I beg to differ. Incognito Mode (in Chrome) or Private Browsing (in Firefox) are a porno addict's best friend.

      You're welcome.

      • qwert

        I beg to differ. Porn is my best friend.

  • something something

    12 Things you didn't know about boobs.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      there is nothing I don't know about boobs

  • Hammer_Pants

    That shit won't work. Did it first thing this morning, made it work, and I still haven't done a god damned thing.

    • D.C

      If I do stuff I'm just gonna get dirty again – Fuck that

    • James

      hahahahaha same here! Expect look at chive posts…

    • Bibi's Fluff Boy

      #1 Was gonna try this, but decided to put it off until later. . .

  • MissChris

    #12 I wish I woulda thought of that last week. My butt and my pride are still a little bruised…

    • epic ass is epic

      pics or it didn't happen

    • zambonijoe

      its a general rule in canada that if you are walking on ice that you lean forward and try to keep your feet as low to the ground as possible so that even if you do go wobbly, you can recover faster. five months of snow and ice make you adjust.

      • catmoustache

        Let me get this straight, "keep your feet as low to the ground as possible…" Funny, I coulda sworn that when I walk, my feet are ON the damn ground. Thanks Canada.

        • Big Joe

          So you NEVER pick up your feet up when you walk? Do you move around like one of those electric football games from the 70's? Dumbass.

    • Don Cornelius

      I wanna put it in your colon

  • Joke

    At least change the order when you poach it off other websites

    • hello please

      You totally stole this comment from [preferred_site]

      • Will

        Just go to site it was posted 2 days ago.

    • George Zip

      I usually down vote these comments as well, but I'm seeing a lot of Chive posts the day before at places like CavemanCircus or NedHardy. Still and all, not everyone surfs all these other pic sites, so not a big deal I think.

      • Joke

        Just pointing out the obvious and how easy of a job Bob has to cut and paste. Not hating.

        • A BiPolar Guy

          the work is in finding them, and it saves me from having to. Thanks Bob.

  • HeavyP

    #2 DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. Seriously guys, stop copy/pasting everything without checking it. Police and firefighters have keys that put elevators on independent service to do what you're describing, the button function is no longer programmed into modern elevators. In addition, if it did work you're being a selfish dickhole. Just ride the elevator like a normal person.

    • Abraham Linksys

      Im an elevator service tech and I can confirm this! Not a single elevator will do this. Fire service / Independant service is the only way to go directly to a floor by holding the call button. KCCO!

      • thom

        I have tried it several times and it does not work.

    • Zingzap

      That was NEVER programmed in. Not in modern Elevators or in old Elevators.

      • Travis

        In older Schindlers it does and I was working on a Dover Hydro elevator and it was set up that way too.

        • monstrinho

          pfft. Schindler's lift.

    • safsddfsasdfsdf

      I came here to say this.


      Also the "close door" button serves no purpose. It is connected to nothing, it is simply a placebo effect to make passengers feel like they have more control inside the elevator to help with claustrophobia.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        that's a myth or at least it's only true in some elevators (I doubt it). The it's easy to time the doors and prove this is not so.

  • bwmyers18

    Just a question – do you guys only read comments on the first page? Or do you actuall scroll thru 18 pages and read them all?

    • ever

      Nobody reads any of the comments… ever. Not even to reply.

      • Nope

        Not even one.

        • Simon

          You're right, chilli does taste better with cheese.

          • ...

            You sunk my battleship

            • Kidicarus

              I didn't read that, could you summarize for me?

              • Marko

                Shit happens, someone's gotta deal with it, and who ya gonna call?

                • DennnyCrane

                  #2 BTW this doesn't work.

                  • I like to read

                    are you still reading?

                    • Blah


                    • last word

                      My butt itches,

                    • juwannahumner

                      scratch it.

                    • TheYesMan25

                      where are these comments you mentioned?

                    • matt

                      there are comments on this here website?

                    • bigvonski

                      Jesus christ…where am i?

                    • A BiPolar Guy

                      Christ's not here, man.

        • Janus

          didn't you just reply to his comment? because that would mean that you must have read it…

          • Scooter Mcgavin

            The sarcasm detector is weak in this one.

      • grumpy

        I read all the comments on the "Find Her" post, but that's all. Go figure.

    • BigOtis

      One and done….after page one =doesn't matter

  • nwest

    #19 or just drink it…

  • CD3

    #16 might actually try this if i see a lady in need 😉

    • please god no

      You should keep it in your pants, unzip and voila! Definitely won't attract unwanted attention from security.

  • Murph1908

    #1 Worked for Minnesota Fats in The Hustler.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    And the wife asks where you've been.





      • Mike

        Plus, you know she's guilty then.

      • TiL

        if that happens your wife is a cunt. Time for a new one, just saying

  • PizdusInc

    Time to paint every wall and ceiling of the house blue! #18

    • Turrebo

      Or have sex with Smurfette, or that Avatar and/or X-men chick.

      • rfg


    • FoolOfATook

      When I get close, I turn off the porn and stare at my blue background.

      • nathanzafar

        i lol'd at this comment.

    • Anomanom

      Paint her (or his) ass blue before you get down.

    • mid13

      I always knew I liked that color..hence the color of my bedroom =]

  • nepster

    #3 was the most pointless piece of information…I think it would have been quicker to pull out a calculator than try to understand that illustration.

    • Stick

      Then you're a dipshit

      • Tatts

        The illustration makes sense, however it is slightly off as the first part of the answer (in red) has to be listed with 2 additional 0's and then added to the last part (in blue) which does not get any extra 0's. It's only a problem for multiplication of numbers below 90, for instance try 84 x 90.

        Also you're a dipshit.

        • Keith Robicheux

          Even if it does "work", whats the fucking point? It doesn't seem to be useful or even interesting. And what's with the bearded brown skin guy? I'm confused all around.

          • DJ Davis

            It works better with numbers in the nineties and becomes less effective as you get lower.

            Example? If you try it with 50 x 50 and let me know when you're done.

          • Stick

            Because that's where the method comes from, dipshit

            • Hellerad

              If the sum of your first step is negative, i.e., 45×41 -> 55 + 59 = 114 -> 100-114=-14, just subtract that from the product of the second step, i.e., 55×59=3245 -> 32-14=18 -> 1845. 45×41=1845.

              Viola. Works for lower numbers as well.

              • Tom?

                But 55×59 is just as complicated at the original problem. You can do it the normal way and get an answer faster.

          • Chris

            Algebra… who do you think came up with it? The name 'algebra' is an Arabic word… Get it now?

  • open minded

    Can someone please explain #20?

    • ChiverPat

      Make iPhone shortcut keys in Settings, General, Keyboard, Shortcuts. Setup a shortcut for something that you always text instead of typing the whole thing. Example: MYBAD instead of "Sorry I gave you the HERP but damn you were good in the sack".

    • Friday

      If you have a smart phone you can change the autocorrect or setup shortcuts on anything. Allowing a double @ so autocorrect to your email…or allows you to mess with a friend if you know they are quick to send messages with a common word..

      • open minded

        Thank you. I'll give that shot…

        • Moe Szyslak

          I hope you die by choking on sperm motherfucker

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            Well, that…..

            • Moe Szyslak

              Is going to be your fate as well motherfucker!

              • Bob

                Now I know Moe is a surly character, but I don't think he talks like that.

    • Not real email

      This is great, now I dont have to make a fake arbitrary email number everytime I comment on the chive.

  • Brent

    Didnt work, just tried it in Google Chrome on PC.

  • afw


    I was wondering what color to paint the bedroom. Hell, blue in every room.

  • catmoustache

    #18 Looks like I'm buying a blue headboard.

  • Luke

    #15 or just dont hang them upside down

    • Guest

      You clearly don't get what this is saying — how do you hang trousers on a hanger "right side up" then? It can't be done without clips.

    • Scooter Mcgavin

      You don't own a pair of nice pants do you? I've found the best way the keep the crease is by hanging them upside down. However, with this method #15, if they are kept like this for too long, you world think they would gain a fold that would just be time consuming to remove. I could be wrong.

  • Trey

    Seems like I see this all the time. Two words: Bull. Shit.
    Never works

    • 13th floor

      true – doesn't work. I've tried all options too.
      The trick to the fire and police personnel is the fact they have the override key

  • cdub

    #2 What if I live on the 14th floor?

    • Ole

      or 4th, or 24th?

  • Kevrhutch

    Honey, going to go get some blue paint for the bedroom

  • RustyxTrombone

    #18 my walls are blue. Must put this to the test.

    • beantown

      said the virgin

  • Dr Steve brule

    For your health…

  • A Cat Named Mittens

    caveman circus

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