The internet doesn’t care about Beyonce’s feelings (34 Photos)

Beyonce’s publicist was offended at some of the more “unflattering” photos taken of her during last week’s Super Bowl halftime performance and asked for them to be taken offline. But nobody tells the internet what to do. People on the internet took this as a great opportunity to create these funny photo mashups in response to this request. Here are the hilarious results…

The first few photos are the unedited pictures straight from Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl.

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • Mayor McCheese



      Exclusive images <3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T <3:*<3:*<3

    • fasdfasfasfa

      You are a fucking faggot. Kill yourself.

      • Janus

        bit harsh but yeah a tad annoying

        • GeeROiD

          But you guys oogling and beating off to pictures of random girls is not?


          • Mack

            Do us a favor and go fuck yourself

          • Muddbutt

            MOAR? More…. retard

  • Bhodi

    #34 Hysterical!

    • Yuppp

      Hahaha, fuck this post. I just embarrassed myself in public because I was laughing so hard I was crying.

    • csa

      great post. seriously, i don't find her that hot, even in the pics her publicist approves.

  • Mike

    I love the internet.

    • Guest

      Love the internet. Despise Beyonce.

  • Mayor McCheese

    I heard Beyonce's snatch looks and smells like the Big Montana sandwich they used to sell at Arby's.

    • anon

      now i want a big montana

    • c.j.

      J Z tell you that too? I gotta believe it!

  • Garanimals

    poor Jay Z

    • sayin'

      words I will never utter


    #16 was fucking HILARIOUS!

    • Wood


      • AdamBaldick

        HAHAH this meme never gets old… Find her

    • Matticus

      I've read all of the books she's holding…

  • gettinIT

    #16 hahaha

  • anon

    Bitch got a cray nose job, looks like Michale jackson

  • echogeo

    My favorite.

  • Huell

    Next years halftime show should be: Morgan Freeman reading Dr. Suess, Arnold Schwarzennegar reading long words, Myth Busters conducting a live experiment, Ten thousand puppies running on the field

    10-15 minute music sets just aren't that cool anymore.

    • techno_viking

      Mix in a few minute segment of Bobo from Finding Bigfoot doing his "Squatch" call, and I'm in.

      • thom

        They just keep out-repulsing us each year.

        • JHL1

          No, just the last two.

    • Jen

      and Samuel L. Jackson reading "Go the fuck to sleep"

      • socalmarti

        Or reading excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey….

        • Firefighter23

          Or not

    • Jen

      You sir are a genius

    • Andrew

      If we're going to have Morgan Freemen reading Dr. Suess and Samuel Jackson reading Go the Fuck to Sleep, then we must get George Takei reading something.

    • mememe

      With commentary from Bob Saget.

    • credible hulk

      Rev.Jessie Jackson reading Green Eggs and Ham (for those of you who remember when SNL was still funny).

    • grace

      10000 PUPPIES RELEASED ONTO THE FIELD! That would be the best half-time show ever!

  • crustybubblechunks

    #19 Why not Zoidberg

    • Bob25

      I smell old fish… hmmmm

  • Bang Her

    Still would.

  • fact

    She can sing, but she's fat and kinda gross.

    • You're stupid

      Far from fat.

      • fact

        Then you're blind and stupid, unless you care to argue it's all muscle. I can accept that. Either way, far from slim and hot. She looks like a middle linebacker.

        • fact-checker

          You're just mad because she can kick your ass

          • fact

            at least fact-checker is humorous!

            • infact

              you're quite gay

        • emily

          you have a long way to go in understanding what fat means.

    • Fahg

      Another case of fashion world made faggot. You do know that clothes designers are gay….. and pick boy-looking skinny girls to be models. I am sorry for what has been done to you

    • sayin'

      that's one big fat ass she's sporting

    • nola

      you are nuts and a dweeb and a loser. Beyonce is a fine ass woman. Women have curves; they are not be built like light poles. Beyonce was on fire during the half time show. Anyone could take pictures of anyone doing anything at the right time to make them look terrible. But that is not how people living in the real world (and not being total internet dweebs 24/7) perceive things.

      • Obama

        True women do have curves, but Beyonce has a mans face, but she's coupled with a man (Jay-Z) who looks like the black Zoolander with his puckered up lips.

        • bmoney

          i couldn't help but read that as if Obama said those words himself hahaha. funny shit

    • Med

      Who the hell have you the right to say she's fat, the media has wrecked with your head and you should give it a shake she is beautiful!! Jealousy doesn't get you very far in life she has money,beauty and fame and saying she's day gives you some sort of mental satisfaction you need help!

    • KyLeigh

      You're a fucking idiot.

    • Yuppp

      She ain't fat, but she ain't for me.

    • guest

      Glad all the chubby chasers are out in force. Just sad really.

    • D Bo

      guess he wasn't ready for this jelly

    • Jason

      Your mum is fat all the Chinese take aways while she was pregnant and the meth addiction have mashed your brain or maybe it was sleeping with your nan that did it ?

  • dave

    She looka lika man!! loved Mad TV don't care for Beyonce

  • Texas

    I laughed way too hard at #34.

  • Blackkitty

    She does't care about Internet's feelings heither…

  • TheFrontier

    #11 Daaaaaaaaaamn!

    • Guibombe

      Bye Felicia!

  • Mayor McCheese

    welfare office*

  • awww shit

    um since when was repeating yourself 50,000 times set to a shitty beat considered music i though millie vanillie got in trouble for there tape skipping

    • awww shit


    • sayin'

      she gets paid way to much for what she does…that goes for her talentless husband too

      • Flux

        Come on, rage all you want, but in what way is Jay Z talentless? If he's talentless, what does that make the rest of us?

        Hot women on TV arguably get paid too much, but then again this very post proves her value to television. In entertainment you don't get paid for what you do, you get paid for how many people are willing to watch you do whatever you do.

        • awww shit

          i dont go pretending to have talent i guess its true its who you blow not who you know

  • Austin Powers

    #2 she's a man baby !

  • RedHotChivette

    #16 errrrmaaaagerddddd that's a good one.

  • @IAM_splashnasty

    #6 is cute but #13 is epic

  • ShadowChiver

    If she wants to trust her hip in an under size leather swimsuit knowing that she is on one of the most watched shows on the planet. Then she should just accept that non-flattering pictures like these are going to be taken and plastered all over the internet. By requesting they be changed or remove is just bringing even more attention to it.

    • too bad

      that's what you get when you put on such an aggressive performance, I found the entire performance had an angry and hostile feel…what's become of today's music and our society?

    • Futbol

      All true, but not the most watched on the planet. The World Cup is the most watched on this planet.

      • Who cares

        Reread that sentence cheif. It clearly says " one of the most watched". Also, how does it feel to know that over 700 games of "futbol" were fixed including some of the biggest games in the sport at the World Cup? You can fall down on the ground like one of those bitch ass soccer players who gets hit by a gust of wind because you just got smashed.

        • Tonto

          Go cheifs!!!!!!

        • Futbol

          Haha that's so funny, best part is CHIEF (learn to spell, you disgrace) that soccer and rugby are the two most enduring sports out there, but we as Americans are to damn stubborn in our ways. Also, I'm with Tonto considering I'm a due hard KC Chiefs and Sporting KC fan.

          • Shakey The Moyle

            Do you mean "die hard" ?

    • Random browsing

      She looks great I think.

  • sfb101

    #9 & #16 Hilarious!
    #13 SHAZAM!

    • gs425


  • chuck

    despite all of these pics jayz still married out of his league…

    • 神威

      Nope, Chuck Testa.

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