Chivers gave zero f#$%s over Winter Storm Nemo (53 Photos)

  • Dave

    Gimme a break, it snows here in Ohio too. Only we don't make a big deal about it.

    • odb

      "Hey look everyone, we're outside in the WINTER with BATHING SUITS ON! Get it?! Get it?!"

    • Matt

      Just don't get it do you? Why are you even @ theChive (probably the best site in the world)? Maybe try instead? KCCO

    • smoochi

      thats because nobody cares about ohio

      • The Cooler Dave

        That was my sentiment exactly.  

      • Adam

        Couldn't have said it better myself, Smoochi

    • tarted

      east-coasters and their crazy storm naming…

    • Stormin'

      I've grew up on the east coast and moved to the midwest for school 4 years ago. The midwest doesn't even get close to the amount of snow Boston gets. Nice try Ohio.

      • Jack Burton

        It's called Blohio for a reason.

        • Ocanada

          Hey Ohio I live in Canada. We get snow. I will tell you that was A LOT of snow in one day

    • unclepissy

      Well played Michigan fans I agree f u Ohio!!

    • Blunt

      Hey Dave, go fuck yourself.

  • N8orius

    I was wondering how long it would take til someone did that.

    • blue_bronco

      Why no Calvin & Hobbes style demented snowmen?

  • navydudenamedjoe

    I wish it would snow like this in Virginia beach.

    • Anonymous

      you might think that but these people aren't going to be able to get around for quite a while.

      • navydudenamedjoe

        Exactally….I wouldn't have work for like a week

  • BarrowsBOY

    #46 Dogs in the snow. The Best.

  • Aorata

    Don't doors and windows break because of the snow's pressure? I live in the tropic, I know nothing of snow storms.

    • Canadianeh

      There is no pressure bro. It's solid not liquid. It's just sitting there.

    • boop

      they may break or at least crack if you pour boiling water over them, but there shouldn't be a need to do that…

    • Matt

      Snow has almost no weight to it. If it were to melt slightly then re-freeze, it might be a brink em. But fresh snow is like a big pile of dryer lint.

      • Spelling Police

        Say that to the numerous people who have had their roofs collapse due to the weight of piling snow. You are a huge idiot. BTW, WTF is a "brink em?"

    • Thror

      No. There is almost no load vertically on a window or door. If the wind can't blow a door open, then the snow won't. But horizontal surfaces have to carry the full weight, which is why roofs can collapse. Power lines generally are most affected by freezing rain and high winds.

  • Seldi84

    #6 Awesome
    #12 Well She will definitely warm the place up.

  • Fun_ghoul

    #38. The Hammer

    • dahra

      First thing that caught my eye was that garbage bin, then i exactly knew where it was from

  • Shane

    Party on Wayne. . .
    Party on Garth

  • Shane

    #46 are you coming out to play? Cause this is awesome!!

  • Dazed

    #47 god I pope he's wearing pants

  • Adrian

    #6 those guys didn't build that, a group of guys actually did it and it's sad to see them not get credited for their work. (They sent in a few photos already)

    • Barak Obama

      They didn't build that.

  • maboze1x

    #3 We would have some nice diamond cutters if there was no bra. 🙂

    • BtownBRUINS

      im willing to go all Dennis Quaid in "The Day After Tomorrow" to find her

  • Magnum

    #34 I wish girls would stop trying to stick out their chests like this is pictures to make their boobs look bigger, just looks goofy

    • ABC!@#

      OHHH thats why she looks so weird…couldnt put my finger on it. i kinda thought it looks like shes sucking in her stomach too

    • MattKL

      I didn't care because boobs.

  • ...

    I'd gladly be snowed in with #12

    • #12

      Not unless you'd let me fuck you in the ass with my strap-on.

  • whyme1973

    #3 #12 #34 #35 Bless you ladies! Warming us up, no matter how cold it is outside.

  • LowCal

    More like a pot of gold, #12. Either way, thanks for posting. KCCO!

  • Ally

    This chivette likey #32 and #49, hehe! Chive on indeed!!!

    • Lindsay

      Agree w/ #32 all the way.

      • Jessie

        Best photo ever

        • Kristen

          Go ahead and spread your legs…whores. If you ask nicely, they'd probably DP you.

          • HeavyP

            Cute. We guys can comment on the waterfall of tits this site puts out all day, but when the ladies admire a couple well-muscled dudes they get called whores. You're just fukkin' classy, ain't ya?

            FWIW, I gotta respect 32 up there – you don't get abs like that without some serious dedication.

    • Ty.

      ill be honest.. i fell into the snow the first try #32

    • RandomPerson24

      Sure are a lot of d-bags trying to look cool by going shirtless in the snow.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Reminds me of winters where I grew up as a child in Northern NY…. Minus the hot chicks of course 😉

  • Snarky Snarkerson

    Am I the only one that thinks the naming of these storms is just a marketing ploy to bring attention to The Weather Channel? We get so many snow storms in Buffalo that they'd run out of names by January if they named them all. And we call 40 inches a good start! 😉

    • Thror

      Anything over a couple of feet is a lot to deal with at once, so I sympathize. But naming every weather event is stupid. In Wisconsin, we just call it "winter" and get on with it. I imagine you do the same. Buffalo is just about as snowy as it gets in the US.

    • Thror

      Hey. we could start naming every tornado in the Midwest, but you'd have to buy some baby name books to cover Kansas each year. Or maybe it could take after profile names, like tornado "Steve142", which happened on the same day as all the other "Steves". Goddamn, that's genius.

  • moose_nutz

    #24 Worst.pass.ever.

    • JVIagnet

      It was actually the kick off and it hit the kid in the chest

    • JVIagnet

      That was the kick off…

      • moose_nutz

        Damn…my bad. It's been a shitty Monday so far.

        • JVlagnet

          Fuck you, you ignorant cock-smoker. Like I give a fuck how your Monday is going. I hope it gets fucking worse.

          • moose_nutz

            Damn. You eat your mother's pussy with that mouth?

  • Guest

    #28 – I hope you didn't miss any coming-in calls whilst playing outside. KKCO!

    • Johnny

      Hope they are better at fighting fires than they are at building a snow man

    • fatslob

      Tax payers money well spent. Go shovel out some hydrants u lazy shit!

  • Justsay OyVey

    #51 Nemo, thats a nice name

  • frank

    looks like a typical Canadian winter…. lol

    • A.J.

      ya just your everyday December or January day in Alberta, wouldn't even cancel schools probably

  • ImpressMe

    #45 Woo Hoo….we're going out to play in the snow!!! #46 Hey, why are you inside drinking a beer and eating all the food??

  • Isaac Newton

    #51 Seems a little fishy to me

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