Learn how to moonwalk

What I would’ve paid to have known this information as a kid. Mind blown.

  • Septuagenarian

    When we were kids there was no such thing as GIFs to teach us 🙂

    • http://synsynack.wordpress.com acastaner

      The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) was created in 1987, before Internet was Internet. The animated version was created by Netscape in 1990. I think what you meant was there weren't websites like The Chive when we were kids 🙂

      • heywood jablowme

        the geek is strong in this one. Well done, sir, madam, or highly evolved cat… whichever you are.

        • acupofjoe

          and two points for YOUR name.

      • Cloksin

        nope, sorry, was already out of high school by then, so yeah, didn't have the GIF's when I was a kid! 😛

        • ned flanders


      • OhioChiver

        We just did it using "flip-books" with pictures lol.

  • london

    why is this kid not wearing a shirt?

    • xaotikdesigns

      You don't need a shirt if you can moonwalk

    • Simon

      I'm assuming he ripped off his shirt in a rage induced by his aggressive captions.

    • smoochi

      look at those guns hes gotta show em off!

    • ThatGuy

      As part of Michael Jackson's last will and testament, no child under the age of 16 can wear a shirt whilst performing one of his dance moves. That's actually one of his more normal requests.

    • asopdafnksd

      shirts are not a necessary requirement for moonwalking, unless on the actual moon

  • Bread Loaf

    I still look like deer on ice whenever i dance.

  • Turrebo

    I can't do the Moonwalk. I *can* do the Mars Pathfinder (i.e. falling down on a hard surface, after which I lose contact with ground control for a while).

    • https://www.facebook.com/nisoln95 Niclas Olovsson

      Comment of the day… LOL!

  • Chuck Lee

    With this, maybe I'll gain enough swag to get ladies.

    • Janus

      if you need the moonwalk to up your swag then probably not

    • jkl

      If you use the word "swag" you're a douche


    I think the one with shorter strides looks better, it's a smooth motion. The longer strides he says are correct have awkward points where you can see the shifts in weight.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewjamesii @andrewjamesii

    Where's that GIF of the horse not trying to fall down while walking on ice? Cause that's me dancing in a nutshell.

  • Brinx

    I just broken my leg.. Thanks.

  • Nathan

    Why doesn't he have a shirt on? But I do like how he has a mop to polish the floor for greater moon walking results

  • FuWangaDoo

    Somebody takes moonwalking very seriously.

  • That boy good

    Hey kids, do you think your favorite weirdo musician will ever perfect a dance that society will still be hoping to learn decades later. I doubt it. Go Michael! Really. Just go.

    • The_Dood

      Michael didn't invent the moonwalk… I don't know if this was the first, but it certainly predates Michael's.

  • Kcruz09

    #7 thats what she said

  • Mr X

    I find it extremely hard to masturbate to this

    • James


    • Lloyd_Xmas

      Then you're not doing it (masturbating, that is) correctly…

  • alan

    The kid is not my son

    • Mr. Milk

      You win the Chive today – well done.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 For best results, play the song "Billie Jean" in your head while watching 🙂

  • bones

    Now I know… and knowing is half the battle!

    • GI Joe


  • svp

    My awesome college professor at UMass Boston taught the whole class the right way! …. Except I still suck

  • morebeer

    My lack of moonwalking ability really does not have any effect on my life

    • bizarrogreg

      That you know of…

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    Moonwalking lessons…as if I don't have enough trouble encountering willing vaginas as it is.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spinning-Pile-Driver/293207650700357 xhulkontiltx

      Moonwalking = endless vag… Or is it young boys… Only one way to find out

  • Jabbasapp

    You weren't clear enough. My dick is stuck in a ceiling fan now.

  • mopar_man

    Still not as good as the Walmart moonwalk video from a few years ago.

    • guy who can moonwalk

      the dude is putting all his weight on the shopping cart making it much easier to slide your feet…no legitimate moonwalk will be more intense then the shopping cart moonwalk.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spinning-Pile-Driver/293207650700357 xhulkontiltx

    I don't think anybody who does it the first way really thinks they are doing it right.

  • xaotikdesigns

    This was the last thing I saw before I went to bed, and then I had a dream about moonwalking…

  • http://twitter.com/cynical_0ne @cynical_0ne

    Another 5 minutes of my life I won't get back. You can do better Chive.

  • Jgood23

    Is it just me or does he have elf ears?

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