Somebody had the willpower to make art out of Oreos instead of eating them (41 Photos)

This takes serious discipline.

Via Instagram

  • kranick

    Yeah I would a just ate em.

  • @MeanzRock

    Yeah I woulda gone back in time and not click on this post.

  • Ben

    I suppose I should be more impressed… Going back to the FLBP post.

  • Browns

    Got milk?

  • bones

    #38 ftw

  • Sneak Ninja

    Diabetus never looked so good

  • Alex

    #3 kanye?

  • ChiverPat

    #19 Really? You couldn't make the piano keys white?

  • Kevrhutch

    Have they ever heard of Clay??

  • Dominicus Erectus



    • amran`s look nice

    • Archer

      Put… Put your dick in it

  • Matt

    Five minutes after these pictures were taken the artist got diabetes

  • @Dan_Ireland

    Who the hell has this much free time/patience? Is there a market for these things? I hope this person made a lot of money for these or… yikes.

  • @brueapilsner

    #38 If a guy gave me this for Valentines days, we'd both end the day very happy..

  • yermon

    Only in America – Fuck yeah lets play food.

  • Rooster

    And the award for a 50 year old virgin goes to…

  • Johnny

    #19 YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!!!!! And all the white to do it with!!!

    • Gersh

      Completely agree. Should have fail listed as a keyword on this post.

  • Derpy

    #21 holy mother of god

  • that's me

    that post suck… i'll never get that time back..

  • jpot132

    you suck bob

  • Force Kin

    well that got boring fast

  • Barrymackokener


  • Canucks_Rule

    #18 – what a waste of good oreos.

  • Pete

    This set of pictures should get a Pulitzer for the most accurate and complete depiction of what is wrong with the world.

  • DanielEvans2007

    Really? Who has time for this crap?

  • Random

    874,000 Oreo's later and this is still a waste of perfectly good cookies.

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