Show of hands, who would take a job as a bridge inspector? (12 Photos)

These amazing photos are of bridge inspectors who spend a day at the office hundreds of feet above the Colorado River.


  • Tiber_Septim

    Noooooooooo thank you

    • lame

      thanks for your service

  • Stevo

    How about NO.

  • DmC

    I'll inspect from a distance

    • Mikey D

      Yup, and screw the binoculars, I'm going telescope with that.

  • non, a

    I'm down if the pay is good.

    • Pete

      about 65K a year

  • JImMeH

    That would be an awesome job!

  • aaaayeah....

    My step mom does this for a living, and I'm almost certain she has no balls.

    • DoubleNickelJP

      I do your step mom for a living, and I know she has no balls.

      • aaaayeah....

        Dammit Dad! Stop commenting on my posts!

  • Tyler

    Yes I would any links to apply for this job ?!

    • Marek

      They are rope access technicians. R.a.t. You need a background in whatever you're inspecting though. Wouldn't be too hard to get a background on welding an this inspect welds on tanks and steels bridges

    • Patrick

      Your state department of transportation should have a link for training i know in NY they are always looking

    • Boston Rugger

      The company I work for is always looking for more inspectors.

  • #1 bridge inspector

    I do this job and it's not bad. Once you get over the vomiting and the Hershey squirts it's a peice of cake

    • Jen

      my friend drives a safety boat under the chesapeake bay bridge and has to sit there in case the workers fall off. they also have to collect whatever jumpers decide to go that way. ick. the workers also climb down off of the bridge and down to his boat via a ladder. fuck. that.

  • Chris

    Come on guys, where have all the men gone?

    As long as you obey the rules and follow the safety guidelines, this is a safe role.

    Seems like a lot of fellas here are scared of their own shadow……

    • ImpressMe

      Nope, just afraid of heights…. and falling….and that awful crunch/splat at the end…. lol Doesn't make me less of a man… to each his own bro.

      • Adam

        I actually think the 'Crunch/splat' would make you less a man. Also less alive. And less recognizable.

      • Just Me

        Falling never hurt anyone. It's the sudden stop at the bottom that kills you.

    • Hammer

      I spent a big portion of my life jumping out of planes for Uncle Sam, and I burned in on a jump and have a wrecked back because some asshole Rigger wasn't obeying the rules and following the safety guidelines.

      All it takes is one guy to be hungover or high or just not paying attention and you might have a very bad day…and a bad day at a job like this means they pick you up with a sponge. It's not a one man show.

      I don't know what you do for a living, Mister Manly Man, but slow your roll before you call guys you know nothing about out for being "scared of their own shadow." KCCO.

  • kawabounga

    Well, what is scary is to work next to a place that is targeted by Starscream

  • Conchubhar

    Now thats my kind of job

  • kcco hockey

    Seems like a lot less fun than climbing 200-300 foot cell towers that sway alot in the wind.

  • joe

    I am a civil engineering inspector but I do not inspect bridges. I would though if my company asked me to. I love this shit!

  • Gentleman Bastard

    as a matter of both safety and routine, inspect your gear .. and if you've got the proper equipment, trust it ! yes the danger is real, but if you maintain your working material in a professional manner then no bridge will be too high or too far ! that said … those cats are certifiably insane !!!!

  • Chris

    I'm a firefighter… Our 110' ladder is enough for me. Screw this I have actually been to that bridge. I would estimate it at a good 500' in the air, may e more?

  • ODB

    you sure as fuck won't have your boss going behind you and inspecting your work.

  • B-to-the-H

    #2 – So that's what a rock climber's day job is.

  • Dan

    "Yup, that's a bridge…"

    • Not_NotBob

      Jeff Dunham?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 – ummm, pass.

  • Tyler W

    I build bridges, this is nothing.

    • reaperMEDIC

      My thought exactly. Much more respect for the hard asses that dangle out there building it than the dope on a rope looking at it.

  • Josh

    They're just inspecting it. How would you like to build it? Crazy

  • IW 378

    Not to take anything away from these guys, but try building them. We INSTALL the anchor points to which these guys attach their safety lines to. Man, there is nothing like welding 500ft off the ground/water.

  • FLChiver

    A brave man dies only once. A coward dies a thousand times.

  • doctor phill

    no questions asked. not a fan of heights but I would love to give it a shot

  • Baxpin

    This made my hands sweat.

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