Life’s tough, get a dog (50 Photos)

  • Carl

    #11 Nice legs! We need another leg post soon

  • FLChiver

    #20. I bet if you could see the sheepdog's eyes they would look the one's on the right. Give me that squirrel!

    • ak14lax

      its not a sheep dog its a portuguese water dog, same as #41

      • ak14lax

        #47 *

    • Guest

      Standard poodle.

  • Texas

    #22 Shadow from Homeward Bound?

    • Guest

      In case people missed the reddit post of this pic, the "kitty" that the dog met was a skunk.

      • Duh

        no shit Sherlock

  • gmen

    #3 fucking awesome

    • Livin' Legend


  • Shan

    #48 cute boy, cute pup. ❤

  • Jeff

    #41 is so cute

  • Canucks_Rule

    #47 – ya, he looks guilty of something.

    • KatieOKCCO

      What you can't see is that he is sitting on my other dog.

      • MylesofStyles

        I sat on a turtle once. All that chocolate and caramel made a hell of a mess.

  • tralfaz

    #1 & #50

    I love you man.

  • Big_Okie

    #22 Have a Jack Russel Terrier that has attacked about 7 or 8 skunks and gets sprayed EVERY time. The tomato juice thing doesn't work all that well though… You need peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn dish soap. Even then, de-skunking is a horrible process.

    • Jay

      Poor puppy!! I feel your pain buddy.

    • KatieOKCCO

      I have tried that concoction with tomato juice and it's perfect but it dries out my dogs skin really bad. So I always finish with a scented oatmeal shampoo and that is one happy pooch.

  • I. M. Irked

    I'm tryin' to KCCO, but you replay at least a half dozen or more dog pics in this post and you won't post my kid's OC dog pictures? WTF?

    • kate

      Same thing happens to me. I have sent pictures in at least 6 times already. I guess I need to show my tits or something.

      • Magoo

        I double dog dare you…

  • SpotJohnny

    #30 Husky + Pomeranian = Permanent Husky Puppy

    • LauraNorda

      I may have to tell my brother about this!! he loves huskies! 😀

    • dawgbone98

      Just make sure the Husky isn't the one on the giving end… that could get messy.

  • Poochy

    #3 Ruff day at work today… chased 15 squirrels and a school bus.

    • Phoenix

      But the postman got away…

    • Hrdwood

      and my wife's a bitch.

      • Timmayy

        This is why i love the comment section, laughed so hard i cried

    • @LosTorre

      and they used the vacuum again.

    • Justin D.

      And I still couldn't catch my tail.

  • CTM

    #17 must find this one so we can have MOAR!

    • mtc

      …and a few of the bitch, too.

  • Mike

    #17 Gorgeous girl and a cute dog! Just found my new gf

  • Fktrd


    • WSU

      Start your own website… there's a god damn idea.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #30 #33 GIMME

  • Jason

    #17 i think we need to find her

  • Boyd Horton

    #39 happy happy happy

    • Amber

      Or terrifying…

      • Murphy

        No, that's throw the damn ball again face

    • Duhr

      Nope, thats one of those rare Meth Labs, they are getting more popular every day………….

  • jesus

    #15, is that Sylus (sp?) From "weeds?"

  • TheVishual

    #18 FIND HER! MOAR!

    • Stick

      Dayum! Redheads are the best

    • ChrisKurn

      That's Meredith from The Office.

  • derp

    #39 Ermergerd snow!! Free snow everywhere!

  • Derpin

    #31 I hope that was a joke, if not, you sir are a dumb ass.

    • mimi

      I think he meant the pot under the dogs head… It's a word play. You Sir, are the dumb ass here.

    • Amber

      Ignoring the obvious word play… you are stupid for getting so angry over mara joo wanna and animals. They can enjoy it too. Don't blow smoke in their faces or whatever tho, no animal likes that.

      • not a dumb hippie

        No dogs can't enjoy pot, it literally makes them permanently retarded. So stop being a dumb hippie and read the research.

      • AprilShowers

        Eh, a little is okay. But if they get too much smoke or eat it, you are in for about a day of a tripped out dog with urinary incontinence. A trip to the vet would probably be wise. But I am so glad someone pointed out the word play, cause it went right over my head! It doesn't make them permanently retarded like this prick said.

  • Jeff

    My boy made it! #49

    • Dhoji

      Lol yea he did! he looks so calm kinda looks like a lion, what type of dog is he?

  • Rick

    #11 Has really nice thighs. MOAR! Adorable pooch too xP

  • kat

    #25 is the cutest dog in the world

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