President’s Day: their favorite rides (137 Photos)


  • Craig

    When I get to the bottom and there are no comments, I reload and there are 100

  • Texas

    George W's was his F250, although I prefer the alternative chosen for him.

  • Jeff

    Yeah because we've all seen Barack in a Ford Escape Hybrid… BS, just like his other lies. Sorry to get political… KCCO.

    • Barack Obama

      Fuck you

    • stfu

      Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean anyone else gives a shit what that opinion is.

      • dedubs

        Do you see the irony in sharing your opinion on how no one cares about his opinion?

        • David

          No shit!
          'nuff said.

    • Teddy Turbo

      You forgot is n|gtastic Chrysler 300 that was sold at auction…. The current stereotypical car on the road…

    • the hamster's dead

      Funny it's too bad you won't receive a rebate for your political intellect isn't it?

  • dedubs

    #119 Surprised it's not a Prius.

    • Cortez

      It's a golf cart more like

      • Doc W

        Is that a vacation joke? If so, shouldn't that be Bush's favourite? He took a total of 1,020 vacation days. Obama took 78 days his first two years in office, compared with 112 days for Bush, and Obama took less vacation days than the last 3 Republican presidents.

        • dedubs

          I say the more days a president and congress have off the better. Keep em from any more pointless, expensive laws.

        • Cortez

          Yeah, keeping spinning that bullshit Doc, I for one, couldn't give a rat ass about your touchy feel love for the O

          • Doc W

            I was just pointing out the facts, I didn't vote for Obama (being in the military I use an absentee ballot and I didn't get it off in time, but I would've voted 3rd party anyways), but just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you should propagate made up nonsense about them. If you have some other source that contradicts mine, please share. Why are you sounding all butthurt? Is it because your joke about Obama being on vacation isn't as funny when you factor in how Bush spent more than 33% of his presidency on vacation, or how Clinton and Carter were the only presidents in the last 50 years to take fewer vacation days than Obama? Again, those are the facts. Please disprove them if you can.

            • PA2AK

              Pretty sure he was discussing the plethora of golf outings Dear Leader has been a part of. Second to none. That is all. FYI – comparing something to Bush is like comparing your body odor to a steaming pile of dog ish….not winning.

              • AYOOOOOO

                i thought he was talking about how the prius, the escape, and the golf cart all run on electricity….

                • PA2AK

                  you win

        • 5eagles

          Can you provide a source for that? I think your are lying and have and agenda.

    • David

      I think you misspelled penis

  • Josh

    #88 why cant we let bygones be bygones and give him another chance. 'Merica.

    • Hrdwood

      Bill likes his cars just like his women…. topless.

      • Doc W

        I dunno, that car is a lot sleeker and thinner looking than Bill's women.

  • Todd

    i have no idea what's going to happen in a rick post but #137 Willa Ford for the win

  • sneakypete

    #28 MOAR Please!

  • Remmy

    #72 close call? #122 Bill Clinton is about to run her over

  • sneakypete

    #128 This is what i wanted MOAR of. She is astonishing.

    • loonytik

      As you wish.

  • RamboNorris

    You forgot Teddy Roosevelt-The Moose


    #46 I could not wince any harder at this photo if I tried. "favorite" may no longer apply

  • dan

    #101 and #118 are both very nice choices!

    • abrahamfabio

      # 101 yesica toscanini

  • keith21541

    No Monica Lewinsky jokes yet?

    • savagecabbage

      Go back to 1997

    • MonkeyMadness

      She was definitely his favorite ride.

  • Delta

    Where is Barry on the list?

    A 69 Impala, rollin on dubs

    • PA2AK

      They also call him Barack Obama sometimes…in case you missed it.

      • -0-bumbler

        Barrack Husien Obama

        Barry Setoro


        Or worthless commie cock sucker,

        He answers to a lot of names

  • Hank Hill

    #119 HAHAHAHA! No wonder he sucks.

  • chazmichaelmichaels

    Fo Bill Clintons favortie ride i would have most certainly said "Your mom"

  • Turbo

    I always assumed Obama likes Escalades with 24" feet

    • Shoofly

      I thought he liked girl's bikes. Easier to ride with his mom jeans on.

  • Conor

    #1 Reagan is always ready to take out the Communists with an American flag machine gun….wish we still had him today….#34 awesome classic ride.

    • Ron Paul

      Reagan had alzheimers while he was in office. Sad that the best the GOP has to offer is some crappy actor with dementia, but I guess it's not very surprising.

      • PA2AK

        Ron Paul…read again, Ron Paul.

  • PA2AK

    #119 the amount of PC is too damn high.

    • sureman123

      it should have been a Golf cart!

  • explorataur

    What about Lincoln?

  • disappointed

    Chive, I hate to say it, but this post was terrible and I am a "gear head".

    • Jawbone

      Kind of all over the place and incorrect in almost every instance, wasn't it? I suppose Reagan's jeep was one of those magical jeeps that changed to different years every once in a while.

  • Thor

    Bill Clintons favorite ride was not Hillary.

  • blue_bronco

    #7 fuck Jay Leno

    • David

      jealous much?

      • blue_bronco

        Not at all. The guy is a fake and a horrible person.

  • Eric

    Bill Clinton's fave ride was Monica

  • blue_bronco

    Nice Bronco!

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