“Deep Inside”: A study of 10,000 adult film stars (9 Photos)

Just in case anybody was ever curious about this kind of stuff, let the following infographic be your guide.

Via jonmillward

  • saltygary

    #2 Other = Horse

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – giggidy-giggidy-goo!!

  • Macro

    #8 That morphed face of the top 10 is pretty darn hot

  • Lyin King

    Not one stat on average penis size

    oh and teen-daughter-cheerleader-babysitter

    I think we all know thats getting to the same thing: underage sex gross

  • Kato

    #7 They got the roles down to a friggin T. I have a feeling someone sold my browser history to Wikileaks…

  • Guest

    Lol white women ARE total slutbags

  • skinger

    Finally, a funded study that I can get behind and support. I would not mind at all if my taxpayer dollars had helped fund this critical, much needed research. Next phase of study: I'd like to know the likelihood of a regular girl with a tattoo to do anal. In other words, I walk into a bar and see a girl with a tattoo — any tattoo. What is the likelihood that that same girl is into anal? I just want to know probabilities and such so that I can better manage my time.

  • Rick

    Just seeing pics of boobs and butts would of been enough.

  • Guest

    Wow 70.5 percent of white women make up the porn industry…daddy issues have really taken a toll in them whoo!

  • Ron Burgandy

    Nothing on average penis size?

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