• DarthBile

    What's more impressive is that they all had the same haircut.

  • SOSteppenwolf

    South Korea best Korea!

  • bobalee

    An American Chiver with NO Energy or Precision

  • Shakeesha Lerone

    nobody got time for that

  • crusher44x

    Does no one else notice that they put this is FAST FORWARD?

  • Dude

    Give them credit for what they did, saying shit like we have more respect for ourselves than them do something like that, is ignorant.

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    […] Vi no Chive! […]

  • Canucks_Rule

    saw this vid 4 years ago. get with it chive. lol.

  • Alumni72

    Are they available for next year's Super Bowl? In case the power goes out.

  • hamtime

    It's pretty good.

    Google – Carlton draught beer big ad

    That's funny!

  • CountessBaltar

    Been there. Done that. Los Angeles 1984 Olympics Opening Ceremonies:

  • LOL U Mad?

    I lol'd at what he said at 2:00 pretty funny

  • Murph

    Looks cool but if you look at the soccer players in front, it's stop motion. And American couldn't do this because why would you waste your time with this crap when you can be doing any number of other things: Working, Hanging with the Family, Looking at Chivettes you wish lived next door. All kinds of stuff.

  • Matt

    actually MIT pulled something much like this on Harvard. It was a major football game and they handed out cards at the begining of the game. When the half-time show happened, the Harvard students held up the cards they were given and it spelled "WE SUCK" it was one of the better pranks the MIT students have pulled.

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