• Ben

    I think it will be revolutionary

    • Jonathan

      It looks incredibly distracting and annoying. Do not want.

    • Mer

      To the porn industry especially

      • Anonymous

        Anyone ever see the "eyepod" episode of futurama? This seems like the same concept .

  • 神威

    seems pretty nice. but what's the price going to be. Also it's a luxury item.

    • myself

      $1500 for them at the onset.

      • Lolasaurus

        Fuck that

    • r00s7a

      And why did they not call them Google Goggles? That just makes sense!

  • Canucks_Rule

    ok…. i want that.

  • Mike Hunt

    Gonna be awesome new wave of home made porn. Yay

    • Ben Dover

      POV Gold

  • John

    Seems to me like they made the go-pro camera socially acceptable to wear in any situation.

    • Duber

      That was exactly my first thought. Just 10 Xs more expensive.

  • basic

    It'll be the new douche bag tag like the Blue Tooth ear piece…. LOL..

  • basic

    I guess POV porn will be more accurate, just in a lower resolution…

  • Dragon

    "you know whats amazing, their not that noticeable on your face"

  • Truth

    The one thing they didn't show well was the reaction of everyone who sees what a tool you look like while wearing these.

  • Tiber_Septim

    how much memory does it have that it can last long enough to make it worth it?

  • Wet_tosti

    Does it shows everybody's power level?

    • G_Had

      Only those under 9000

  • Wet_tosti

    "Run up to someone wearing google glass. Yell google glass image search: horse fuck, safe search off, open first 50 results in new tabs. and run away."

  • Anonimo

    $1500 for Glass Explorer Edition. Yes please.

  • myself

    If they work as intended and have semi decent battery life I think they could really change the game. Slap lenses that adjust to light and you could theoretically replace sunglasses and your phone, if they ever get phone in them.

    Worst case scenario we can feel futuristic as fuck.

  • Goku

    Googled what they looked like, reminds me of the dragon ball Z eye piece.

  • Arrjay

    Unfortunately for people like me, Glass can't be used with actual glasses.

    • Just sayin'

      Why not?

      • Arrjay

        Because at the moment it's just not designed for people who wear them. They say it's something they plan to do "in the future." but they don't give any official reasons why they don't work with them. Aside from the glaringly obvious anyway, that it's a pain in the ass to wear two pairs of glasses at once. I've also heard tossed around that prescription lenses distort the image or something.

        • SmittyCent

          Just wear contacts, problem solved

  • Dave N.

    Reasonable certain I saw this on an episode of Futurama.

  • anonimo

    Ok glass. Tera Patrick.

  • Jayjo

    All these experiences and activities are awesome without live video/picture sharing, People get more and more obsessed with sharing great moments than actually living in this moments.

    • Just sayin'

      Exactly dude. This isn't revolutionary at all. I'm over media sharing, we're all inundated by it daily.
      Let's see something new please….

    • Chris


  • derp

    $1500 to look nerdy and have a tiny phone on your eyes? No….Fail.

  • 1911Neil

    I can't wait to dodge drivers wearing them while I riding my motorcycle. Teenage texters are bad enough.

  • Bob

    The real world looks much better without a clock in the upper right hand corner.

  • varu1976

    This is fake ! You cant wear glasses in rollercoasters !!

  • Tits or GFTO

    No tits? It's like you went out of your way to exclude tits. Google do you know what tits are? Censor. Deny man his humanity you become a Tyrant.

  • Plurp

    I imagine the huge spike in car accidents from idiots watching porn or cat videos or skyping with their boyfriend/girlfriend on their glasses instead of the road. That and having to refer to the system as Glass – Ok Glass, log into Brazzers. – is totally gay!

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