Google just released a video of what wearing Google Glasses looks like. What do you think? (Video)

Seems like they really, really want to make the point that you can easily do things while you’re wearing them, which makes me think maybe you can’t.

  • electric boogalo

    So it's a video camera you wear?

  • Burpoe

    Damn it, I just paid $4100 to get lasik surgery and now I'm going to want to wear glasses again.

  • Guest

    Notice that this video doesn't show anyone wearing them

  • Joe

    If these things are anything like Bluetooth headset then everyone who wears them will look like a total D.

  • larry

    This will be my first step towards becoming Iron man!!!!

  • Chris

    Shut up and take my money

  • newman

    Epic need

  • Julian

    The day google start selling it, is the day the internet colapses for all the girls pictures taken in the street and public transport.

  • Aficion

    Phew. Finally, a more expensive alternative to strapping your iPhone to your head. How'd we live without this?

  • Arturo Gallo

    I can imagine the annoying statuses on facebook when wearing these things…

  • Delliup

    I can't wait for my next life. Humanity with all it faults continues to amaze

  • DaveC

    I think it will put a new spin on Porn, other then that, it will get boring fast.

  • Paul

    Pair google glasses with this.

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