• electric boogalo

    So it's a video camera you wear?

  • Burpoe

    Damn it, I just paid $4100 to get lasik surgery and now I'm going to want to wear glasses again.

  • Guest

    Notice that this video doesn't show anyone wearing them

  • Joe

    If these things are anything like Bluetooth headset then everyone who wears them will look like a total D.

  • larry

    This will be my first step towards becoming Iron man!!!!

  • Chris

    Shut up and take my money

  • newman

    Epic need

  • Julian

    The day google start selling it, is the day the internet colapses for all the girls pictures taken in the street and public transport.

  • Aficion

    Phew. Finally, a more expensive alternative to strapping your iPhone to your head. How'd we live without this?

  • Arturo Gallo

    I can imagine the annoying statuses on facebook when wearing these things…

  • Delliup

    I can't wait for my next life. Humanity with all it faults continues to amaze

  • DaveC

    I think it will put a new spin on Porn, other then that, it will get boring fast.

  • Paul

    Pair google glasses with this.

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