Like an ’80s montage, Chinese drivers always push their vehicles to the limit (24 Photos)

  • Tiber_Septim

    Cause no D.O.T. regulations #13

  • thechevron

    any this is why everything in china costs less than £1

  • myself

    I wonder if people are desensitized to the sketchiness of those after seeing a few hundred times.

  • Display

    We just don't know how to load like this.

  • MattKL

    #17 He hates recycling day.

  • Clueless

    not really sure what these are. is it just a shit-ton of hats???

    • Guest

      They are toilet seats, a lot of freakin toilet seats….gross

    • Kidicarus


  • Patterkiller

    It's better for the environment than a billion people transporting these things on diesel trucks.

    • Fortune Teller

      First of all, most of those little "trucks" over there ARE diesel. Secondly, screw safety right? Tree-huging idiot.

      • Poo

        You're a pee pee face.

        • Lovesweat

          Shut it poo head

        • white guy

          i lol'd

    • woody

      Next time you want a steak…bring your bicycle to Iowa. We'll put a steer in your basket.

  • Silverstone

    Humphh!…you should have seen those vehicles BEFORE they started making their deliveries!

  • Jimi

    Why?????? Just make a few trips……

    • Craigery

      Yeah, and why do we need tractor trailers? Just put the stuff in a pickup truck and make more trips! Trains? Bah! Who needs 'em? Just put the stuff in a wheelbarrow and make a few extra trips!

      • Jimi

        Are you kidding with this reply? Why is it that everyone else who has commented on this post can see the utter ridiculiousness of what these people are doing besides you. No one was saying "hey let's do away with tractor trailers, trains and ships and make thousands of trips with smaller vehicles all the time" that obviously is stupid. But these trucks and motorcycles etc. are seriously overloaded to the point where they are unsafe. Sorry that's lost on you Craigery

  • Paul

    Bob broke the homepage

  • alan

    #17 talk about a blind spot

  • sonny

    Almost all asians do this except for the middle east but really Chinese have taken it to a whole new level

  • Smitty

    Yeah Bob you broke the homepage. What the hell.

  • KBalens

    Odds that the iPad on which I'm viewing this post was transported this way?

  • scooter

    more power to em, out their chasing a buck instead of living life in pajamas n sucking obamas dick on a daily…..

  • lfsg

    and I thought I understood physics

  • Brent

    If it fits it ships

  • jerry likes green

    Me rikey ^-^/!!


    #5 don't worry, she's got it

  • MrMaverick03

    Is shipping that expensive in China?

  • rosszip

    Most of them seem to be waste removal / recycling, utter ridiculousness

    • Craigery

      Why is that ridiculous?

      • rosszip

        The idea of them loading their vehicles in such unwieldy ways is ridiculous. Guess I could have worded that better.

  • Stupid

    Lame China.

  • Hill_Bros

    The vehicle accidents in china must be gruesome.

  • Craigery

    Notice most of them are transporting empty plastic containers or styrofoam packaging. It looks unwieldy to drive, but I don't think the weight is an issue, and the width of those loads may actually help the vehicles stay upright, like the long bar a tightrope-walker holds.

  • ILostMyShorts

    Being top heavy is NOT a bad thing. Right Chivettes?

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