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  • Andyrew711

    if only I could wake up to #7 every single day.

    • waryee

      u say that now…

      • FranktheBunny


      • working_donkey

        I agree w @waryee. Someone has to put up with her $hit each and every day and it may not be so *hot*.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      You can follow her on Instagram.


      watch out for the penis in your back while you sleep

    • WalterSobchak_

      Future wife.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #7 Nice dose of hot woman first thing, is a great thing #25 very nice, yoda never looked so happy

  • DrummerWill

    #34 wow that's fucking awesome. Could definitely be a sweet movie.

    • tomy

      Yeah it's like the basic plot idea of every Sylvester Stallone movie ever made.

      • mike hancho

        He was in porn for while… didn't see that one on the picture!

        • Bryan White

          Sure it is: "And banged out the script for Rocky".

          • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

            You win the internet today.

        • Skieur

          It was his brother.

      • too long


        • Guibombe

          Werdz are diffikultz

    • Loutang

      Rocky wasn't based on Muhammad Ali, but on chuck Wepner. Pretty much ripped his whole life story for the rocky movies, and paid him no reperations. Great story, but really not much original material.

      • Pvtdeth

        It doesnʻt say it was based on Ali. It says he got the idea while watching Ali.

      • lawnguyland

        It's reparations and it applies to gross criminal acts like slavery or the Holocaust. Why not just say "never paid him"?

    • edit

      Awesome, except I am pretty sure the quote is "get HIT and keep moving"

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      What a nice story, and interesting to learn how First Blood was created!!1!

      – the one you love to hate

    • roclawzi

      Most of this is a very pervasive story told by the marketing department of the studio. I'm quite sure it's going to end up the "official" truth forever, like George Washington's cherry tree story. And some parts are true, but the difficulty getting it green-lit wasn't. The producer of the film had free reign to greenlight any project with a budget under a million bucks. I also remember reading somewhere that the anticipated losses of "Rocky" in the theater were going to be covered by tying it (financially) to the new Martin Scorsese picture "New York, New York". Which is pretty damn funny, because I don't know anyone has seen New York New York and I don't know anyone who hasn't seen Rocky.

    • DEL

      Considering he was in about a dozen tv shows and movies before Rocky came out, he wasnt really hurting for money, and was a working actor in tv and movies for 5 years before Rocky..

    • David H

      Great story, but too bad worked in 14 different films/shows over a six yr span……all before Rocky.

      • Claude

        You're actually citing IMDB as a credible source? Step away from the internet.

        • Underbaker

          Why would it not be credible? I remember Sly being Machine Gun Joe in the original Death Race 2000 in 1975, just one year before Rocky came out. IMDB may not be worthy in a court case, but for internet squabbling it is credible enough and fairly easy to confirm if you question it.

    • Slappy

      why would it cost 15 grand to find his dog?

    • DrGarnicus

      He had the script written, but after having talked with Ron Suppa, he changed much of the story, hence the three days part. The original story he had changed into Rocky was later made as Paradise Alley, which bombed.

    • von Mises

      This could never happen today under Obamanomics. Dow will completely crash before the end of April. Insiders are betting MILLIONS on it happeneing before April 23rd. US dollar will completely collapse, and will no longer be the world reserve currency within the nxt 7 months. Expect it to be official in September at the G20 meeting. There's a reason Obama bought the DHS 1,620,000,000 rounds of hollow point ammo, 2500 armored vehicles and 7000 assault rifles. There's a reason he just authorized killing US citizens on US soil without trial via drone. Any of you college indoctrinates know what the NDAA is? How about the FEMA camps and hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins FEMA bought. Remember the Chive special on the Denver airport? You think it's a co-incidence that the single biggest gov't bailout bunker is under the Denver airport. You indoctrinated liberal college kids have no earthly idea what you voted for and what's coming.

      • randomperson32

        Get off the conspiracy sites bro and the Dow has nearly doubled since he took office

        • Smitty

          No kidding. I can speak from experience that the military and armed government agencies do NOT use hollow point ammo.

          I would tear down the rest of your diatribe, all of which has been debunked repeatedly, but it would be a waste of time as your head is SO far up your ass that you use your belly button for a peep hole.

          • I don't know

            His rant is mostly bullshit but there a couple fair points. Obama did ratify the ndaa which is a scary piece of legislation. Not every person who questions the decision making of the government is a conspiracy theorist. It takes people asking questions and calling them on their shit to keep it even close to balanced.

    • Big Dave

      Nobody's mentioned it yet, but Sly also got 25% of gross, no that's not supposed to be net, it's considered the largest back end payout ever

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.espositojr Jerry Esposito Jr

      It's all lies, Sylvester Stallone was in "Lords of Flatbush" in 1974 and used that money to move to Hollywood to further his career.

  • Bob

    #16 nice

  • Sir SaysIt

    Hey – remember when the Chive was more
    About US and less about money and models? That was cool. Come back, Chive.

    • Alan

      about US? the chive is free for all of us! and you dont like models? go to 9gag if you want only funny stuff..

      • Sir SaysIt

        I like Chivettes – real Chivettes, not ones trying to advance their career in modeling. That's the point.

        • truth

          Meh. Boobs is boobs.

    • canadianchivette

      the site still needs to make money to keep providing the public with what they want…and if you don't want to see beautiful women maybe try another site…this site is awesome for lots of reasons…so noone wants to listen to complainers or whiners…either enjoy or be on your way. thanks

      • Idk

        Shut up cunt. Eh?


    #20 I wish I was an airbender.

  • awhite2020

    #20 Some people have all the swagger.

    • chris

      we all need to chip in, and make this word go away.

  • MattKL

    #34 Truly inspirational. And hell yeah to getting his dog back.

    • MonkeyMadness


    • sampo

      Watch that ESPN 30 for 30 about the real Rocky…who Stallone got the idea from boxer Chuck Wepner. In 2006, Stallone's lawyers advised him to settle with Chuck Wepner.

      • Good movie though

        Also, it is simply untrue.

        He did porn in 1970 because he was homeless and slept at the bus terminal. He wrote Rocky in 1975 after having been an actor for 5 years.

  • TTT

    #1 When I was a kid, I thought doing a backflip on the trampoline was cool…..

  • http://twitter.com/DeweyDuello @DeweyDuello

    #7 makes insomnia a little easier to deal with

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 – why i love asian girls so much. and the shorts are just the icing on the cake.


    #7 damn girl!

  • Krupa_Troopa

    #34 Apparently the studio that produced "Party at Kitty and Stud's" didn't pay so well.

    • Big Joe

      You actually know the name? Well played.

  • rick t

    #27 as we all know her ass is VERY impressive.

  • Dan

    #7 nom nom nom

  • via

    Holy Christ on a cross #7

  • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.pollock.7 theycallmedaddy

    #27 dat ASS

  • MattKL

    Hooch IS crazy!

  • Ezio

    #1 assassino!!

  • just sayin


    after an otherwise awesome DMA how does this get in?

    Instagram? check
    Douchebag? check
    non legit KCCO gear? check

  • Boyd Crowter

    #7 Not sure if one girl or triplets

    • chopstick

      Either way. .. Asians suck… leave them to the other asians.

      • Max Till

        Reject a very hot girl because the shape of her eyes is slightly different?….. GAY!!.

  • Anonymous

    #13 how do i get those?

    • douchebag

      Step 1. become a douchebag
      Step 2. stay a douchebag
      Step 3. Make them yourself 'cause its not real Chive Gear
      Step 4. You're still a douchebag

      • holyshit

        I was going to make a comment about this guy and him being a douchebag, but it seems it's already been done.

    • Really?

      So what makes him a douche? He has a fake pair of shorts? You know how much fake sh!t Chive puts up or how many girls put up KKCO pics, really. They don't care. So really why is this dude a douche? I would totally wear those if they I could get them.

      • douchebag

        I think being a douchebag is like being the fat friend… if you don't have one you are the one… so maybe you just answered your own question.

        • Really?

          How does that answer anything at all? I want to know why you think this guy is a douchebag? I don't have any fat friends either so does that make me fat or is it just I don't have any fat friends?

      • Really

        Gee, I don't know. The hat? The pose? The swim trunks that nearly show his junk? Could be all three

        • Jealous much?

          Those shorts are sick. Obviously all these people who are hating on this guy are either not in the shape to be able to wear their swimwear like this, or they're some mid west rednecks who think anyone that doesnt wear deer piss in the morning is a so called "douche"

          • Really?

            I couldn't agree more!

    • Imphisisis

      Well to be fair, he may not be Douchebag but he is wearing the uniform of one…so you must understand the confusion.

  • Jeremiah_808

    Chive please make and sell those board shorts!!!

    • Truth

      Please only release them two or three times a year and then sellout after one minute into the sale

      • zenkthetank

        you're right .. every man should have a pair… and wear them at the same time

    • Big Joe

      Just don't ever wear them because the people in the comment above will call you a douchebag. Haters are gonna hate.

      • Totally

        I agree, he's definitely a douche.

  • Stumeister

    #4 I'd be the cleanest man alive. #5 Waaay to much effort for poor result

    • Big Joe

      #4 good luck rinsing your gooch.

  • KYChive

    #35 Awesomeness. Happy Friday!

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