Google around the globe (84 Photos)

Here are a few highlights of Google offices around the world.

  • EightZero

    #56 I didn't know the 360 dashboard was so rockin'.

  • Do0zer

    #78 We are doing the design work for their new NASA Campus in Cali as we speak! Freakin cool building!

  • slappy

    IT'S A TRAP!!!!! Who wants to live their life at work?!!!

    • wdb

      EXACTLY!!! They provide all that cool sh@# and expect you to be there 20 hours a day.

  • Krnn

    Notice how the united states office is the most boring of the group?

  • rsjem1979

    Well, it's clear they have plenty of space to store all of your personal info.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #51 #52 – zurich wins.

  • Kailua Chiver

    I bet you thought the Chive office was pretty cool huh. . .

  • waltgator

    #84 nice!

  • von Mises

    Oh the irony. They live the high life and enjoy freedom while transferring over all our personal information to the gov't and aiding censorship and the state message of success and wealth creation are evil.

  • some-dude


    This isn't the offices. It's a big bus that shows up for haircuts. They have a similar service for oil changes, and bicycle repair.

  • freddy boy

    #80 Google, you suck. I love you.

  • Bozo

    My office looks down into Google Toronto nobody works there. I have seen maybe 3 people total. Much more entertaining are the prople with rooms on the south side of the Sheraton 15th floor and up who are constantly mooning the Google office. Really hoping for something more inventive soon. My camera is ready!

  • Kellie

    hmm…you spelled Taipei wrong…

  • Erin H.

    I got a new chair in my cubicle

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