Daily Morning Awesomeness (43 Photos)

  • Truth

    #5 nice tits

  • Vic

    #40 is my fav but settling for #26 would be just as awesome…

    • wayneb

      #40 all the way

      • Charlie

        You cannot Brie serious!

        Oh, you are? Then I agree.

    • bdg

      #40 You gotta love some puffy nipples!!!

  • moses

    Fuckyou Monday! Hello Paulina #26,

  • Cali kid

    This girl I'm talking to is awesome 😊

    • guest


    • Smitty

      I know. I think your mom is awesome too.

  • 650

    #16 first Canadian rock band

    • JimBozo

      Uh, how about "The Band"

    • Dirk Diggler

      Rush was…

    • Spelling Police

      So was Triumph.

  • mymediabuffet

    #7 You had one job

  • Tiber_Septim

    #28 fuck Cancer Congrats KCCO!

    • Nezah

      CHIVE ON Bro! Kick cancer's ass!

    • fibonacci5150

      It's great to see you KCCOing in high spirits like a champ!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #9 Ahh the benefits of being single

    • wrong gf

      You just need the right girl… when I go shopping with the gf we go to victoria's secret and sex shop store. And trust me I never complain

      • Smitty

        Indeed. If that is your life then you only have yourself to blame. Try dating a girl that doesn't live up to the stereotypes.

        Also, don't live up to them yourself. If you get nagged about Football… well you are probably being a douche about the sport.

    • ZachBob

      Aside from the crushing despair of loneliness…man, I need to get laid…

  • Bristol Palin

    #40 Well hello there!

  • moses

    #40, quiero mas. Cuentrela ahora mismo

    • Loki

      Chekito taco e quilo taco bell.

      • Chewbacca

        You'd figure racism wouldn't be in the chive.. That sentence was very educated man. Stay classy

        • Troy

          Enchillada, spaghetti, kung pao chicken.

          What race is Spanish?

    • Epitomizer

      Dos Chichis

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      Oh Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish………

    • paco gerte


  • Turd Ferguson

    #41 I thought it was a trick

    • Lijpe

      I think its focking genius

    • Ben


  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.cedeno Rick J Cedeño

    #40 Needs it's own post

    • Eddie

      Or just search for Alison Brie. 😉

      • grumpy

        I do. Constantly.

    • Thename

      Why? She's ugly!

    • Guest


    • Spelling Police

      Please, let me help you. http://thechive.com/?s=Alison%20Brie

  • Tim

    Kinda jelly of all these places that get snow. My region is "suppose" to be a snow climate but it's not getting shit.

    • Swan

      yeah. The thing is Tim guys don't say jelly.

      • Dizzle

        Also, it's supposed.

    • Smitty

      Cool story bro.

      Everyone's all "wah, we don't get/aren't getting snow where I am." Right until the first big one they experience/get in their area. Then the shit gets a little too real for them.

  • Whipper Snapper Jr.

    #25 one more word: diabetes

    • Yuup

      I believe it's properly called, "diabeetus." Thanks,
      Wilford Brimley

    • Wilford Brimley

      I think you meant: "Diabeetus"

  • Hey!

    #40 Alison Brie, MOAR please

  • jimbob

    Woke up 3 am… couldnt sleep, hey new chive alright!!

  • thorthechiver

    #12 This woman is exactly what's right with this country

    • Nezah

      Yep … and, I bet that she even reads, writes and speaks English!

    • sacdaddy

      Sacramento baby! That's outside our convention center, right across from my office. Have no idea where she's shooting though.

  • Mike


    • Amy

      Once again…I hate you 🙂 That is my comment!

  • awhite2020

    #40 And suddenly…everything is alright again.

  • OneLucky

    #41 thats sweet

    • MonkeyMadness

      Whoa, it gives a different answer when you mouseover the thumbnail in the comments!

      • huy

        it gives me a different answer every time i drag it!! What kind of sorcery is this?!

        • duhhhhhhhhh

          Its a gif, the answer changes constantly in white, that is why you only see it when you drag it

  • maboze1x

    Step 3. Wear sexy shorts!

  • ban guns

    #12 utter stupidity

    • unclepissy

      Ban you!

    • JESSE

      It would be completely fine with me if you decided to kill yourself. Just saying, I don't really see a down side.

      • ban guns

        I dont plan on that any time soon , however you probably live in America and the chances of you being shot is far higher …. so I hope you frequent many high schools , universities and movie theaters, oh and maybe take a trip to Las Vegas soon as well… By the way Fuck you too…

  • Jesse

    #17 WTF!?

    • Bob Barker

      Future unemployed UPS driver.

      • duh

        Future USPS driver

  • Chris

    #8 I will always approve of more Emma Roberts.

    • anon

      and more Olivia Munn

      • She's a man


  • ZiaChiver

    #10 Where is his right hand?

    • lawnguyland

      Uh holding the magazine?

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