• Joshua

    Holy fucking yes!

  • drock28

    Looks like Southern Utah. I'd be down

  • Tyler

    I've been watching this vid non stop for the past 3 days. Looks like such a rush.

  • jcrump24

    Thank you for finally putting it up!!!

  • Colette

    Oh Shaycarl. Go to his youtube channel to see the behind the scenes. You want to pee your pants even more because of it. Hahaha.

  • ronfin

    These look like people that post "first" on websites.

  • Adam_Bomb

    So when you jump, and finish swinging, how do you get down?

    • dustinmd

      you dont get down .. you climb back up

  • Kelsey Graf

    Hey, John! This would be perfect for you! I will if you will!

  • Kai Remi Moen Andersen
  • mfavor

    Holy shit. I'm so down. Where can i sign up?

  • @undefined

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  • Ralph Burrillo

    Well I'll be damned… so apparently the dude who made that video refuses to divulge the location for fear that copycats might go there and get themselves killed, but if anyone else has ever been hiking in a place called Egypt in southern Utah it's pretty easy to recognize javascript:insertSmileyNewThread(";)");

  • 17shuter

    Anybody recognize the music?

  • steven ibinson

    used to do this in spain all the time, simple setup up with two ropes. Great fun, even got to push my wife off the bridge, she wanted to do it but would not jump so said "honey i need help to do it" So I got to push her off woop lol. Its really safe them two thin ropes are more than strong enough thing we worked it out that one could hold the weight of a minibus hanging of a cliff (not the shock load weight)

  • Seth Jones

    I was in this video! so stoked its on thechive!

  • David

    Not sure how many times NOPE went through my mind while watching that!

  • penguin slayer

    FUCK THAT! you can have all of my no's an hell no's.

  • kim

    Several decades ago all this same energy and youth would have been in our military.

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