Model Hogwarts made of 400,000 pieces of LEGO (58 Photos)

Via Flickr and odditycentral

  • Paul Rank

    I must build a 400,000 person lego army to invade this castle…

  • Kenny k

    That is simply awesome

  • Jeroen


  • Banana_man

    Awesome. Well done. Now just add the quidditch field.

  • Theman

    Fucking "Your computer is infected with malware" redirect every fucking time I come here. WTF? Fix that shit!!!

  • Matt

    Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • Bob

    Amazing, I want one…

  • curmudgeon

    some people just have way too much talent and time on their hands – which in this case is a good thing!!

  • parkatola

    I'm wondering if she had it all mapped out, in her head or on paper, and then when the 7th movie came out, thought, "Wait, there's a boat house too? Where? Now I have to figure out where it goes, since we've never seen it in the other 7 movies."

  • Brett Martindale

    This is absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Matt

    This so needs to be sold as a set

  • gladi8er

    looks great but kinda static…maybe a train and the Adams family…

  • ChristophersonofGray

    If this was a dude named Al, this would be protecting his virginity, eh internet?

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