• Acer_Kaze

    its stories likes this that just make you smile.

  • myself

    Nice to hear of stories like this. Awesome move giving the kid a ride and then offering him a job and actually gave it to the guy.

  • Tiber_Septim

    Restores faith in humanity

  • Wouter

    No there's a R.A.O.K. if you were looking for one! Awesome story!

    • Wouter

      * Now…

    • KCMonkey

      Yeah, but people like Papa don't see it as an act of kindness, they see it as just doing what is right.

  • MattKL

    Sometimes I have my doubts, but then I see a story like this and know that there are good people out there.

  • Guest

    He could afford those clothes but not the bus?

    • N8orius

      He's 18, if you use some common sense "Guest", one can deduce he most likely lives with his parents and is venturing into the world of adulthood.

    • MonkeyMadness

      They never said he was homeless, just needing a job.

    • pgilliga

      an exceprt from the story: "18-year-old told Fox 59 that his mother died two years ago and he was looking for a job to support his brothers and sisters. He had to drop out of high school and recently got his GED."

      Reconsider your comment?

      • Bob

        Guest, I'm sorry, I can't hear with your foot so far into your mouth.

  • D_Money

    To be that excited for a job… Perspective.

  • HNIC

    There are stories out there like this but most people are balls deep into worrying about what color a celebrities shit is to even care. I enjoy shit like this. Keep it comin

  • Chris

    ..and here's me bitching about my cushy management job that I dislike. I'll shut the f*** up now and get on with my work. Good luck to a young man who will run the world when I'm gone.

    • ps86

      we can only hope

    • Mark

      "I really believe that if everybody were to bring all their problems together, with the idea of trading theirs with other people's; once they had a good long look at everybody else's, they would gladly take their own back home." – Herodotus


  • Sirgallahad4

    THAT is why the small business is the cornerstone of this country,

    Bravo sir.

  • cvan911

    This guy is somewhat local to me, time to support a new restaurant. Go Indy. Chive on!

    • Murph1908

      I went back and looked at the video. I didn't even notice that map showed 70 and 465!

      I am from there, and am driving back through tomorrow! I know where I'm having lunch! I'll be coming right down 70!

      • MiniThe Moocher

        They have great food! They also have shop in the City market. Get the sausage po'boy!

  • NobleChive

    Makes me proud to be from Indianapolis! Well, noblesville, but close enough.

    • AsciiAdam

      I was watching this thinking to myself 'I know that voice". Indy FTW.

  • Hall36

    If you know Indy you know 42nd and Post is NOT a good area. I give the kid credit just for walking alone in that part of town, and for doing something a lot of people do not do anymore and actually try to get a job and better his situation.

    • Notapopo

      Lol I work in the 42/Post area. This kid probably lives a little north. He for sure isn't in Hearts Landing or Postbrook.

      Good for him for taking the initiative though.

  • Yelobird96

    I grew up in the neighborhood right by Papa Roux's. Hall36 has it right. Once you get north of 21st Street on Post things start to get a bit scary. Good for the kid for showing some drive to make his life better. Great for Papa to give him the chance and take him on. Makes me proud to be an East Sider.

  • KCCO_Alamo

    There are good people out there. KCCO

  • Dr_StrangePants

    I thought most of those sappy stories on facebook were little more then fictional bullshit designed to yank at naive people's heart-strings.

    but i gotta say, seeing the evidence for once has restored a hefty portion of my faith in humanity

    • Albert

      no offense but what evidence…you don't think that could have been fake? i'm not saying it was, but it easily could have been a faked story for free publicity for his restaurant.

  • Alex

    Now that's the spirit!

  • prison_mike

    damn im a hard ass mother fucker but i almost cried at the end when the kid was talking about how happy and grateful he was for the job! i feel u my man convicts cant get jobs either

  • Jonathan

    Good story, but someone needs a lesson in "the most direct route between 2 points".

    • Ray

      Totally, right?!! Now all he needs to do is build a helicopter so that he can fly over all those houses. That would be the most direct route between 2 points.

  • Frank

    THAT is what America is all about! We need more people like this everywhere, people willing to work, and people offering to help. Leave your pride at home and get the job done. And thank you to the news team and the Chive for sharing this story, I have hope that one day that is all the news will show! Instead of Lindsey Lohan , and murder, Happy Friday everybody, and remember " You get what you do"

  • WaGGuM

    Someone get Art a KCCO shirt!

  • Jay

    Art is my neighbor, he lives a couple streets down, I always thought he was kind of a dick. Proven wrong, I'm gonna go have lunch at his place now. Chive on!

    • Jbs

      Seems like a burnt out stoner.. Could be wrong tho

  • Sue

    That's awesome. I'm happy there are still people out there like that. 🙂 We could all use a lesson from this guy and more like him 🙂

  • Jake

    That kid is all heart.

    • Smitty

      Not all heart, he's got a heap of determinism too.

  • golfn9

    That's a great story, with an awesome ending. It is nice to see that young with the desire to "work" and make his own way- Chive on Bro'

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