Humpback whale out of f#%^ing nowhere (10 Photos)


  • Jeff Greth


  • IrishInNJ

    Out of the ocean actually.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #3 Paint me like one of your french girls.

  • pale scotsman

    Uhmmm, #3 not the same boat.

    • Jeff Greth

      Same boat, just turned around. The pictures aren't exactly a slideshow.

      • ChiverPat

        It's not the same boat. #3 is a center console and is blue. The others show a white boat with some type of mast sticking up. Look at the side of the hull and you can see the shape is completely wrong. The center console gets smaller as you head to the stern, the other boat actually goes upward.

      • Mike Cook

        different hauls, one is white and the other is blue.

      • ChiverPat
    • tits Mcgee

      good eye

    • Adam

      The skies and reflections vary a lot, too.

    • IrishInNJ

      Everyone calm down, scotsman is right, there are two different boats. #3 is just a boat that happens to be in the shot when the whale was breaching. The boat that got hit is completely different.

  • KCCO Kevin

    damn nature you scary

  • Mr X

    If you put "hump" in an animal's name, you can hardly blame it for doing this.

  • ChiverPat

    The boat in picture #3 is not the same boat as in the other pictures. Something is "fishy" here.

    • SEA253

      Actually there is somthing mammally going on here.

  • Jonny Apps

    They're lucky they were in that boat! That boat is so heavy on the bottom it will self right itself. Virtually a boat that can't sink unless the hull is compromised

  • tralfaz

    Nothing like being sexually assaulted by a giant whale. I bet that would leave your glasses askew.

    • DollyB

      Best answer ever!!

  • Jared Dynamite

    Whales are assholes.

  • Tillman61

    Revenge for "Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home"…

  • Justin

    Doesn't matter had sex

  • dave

    doesnt look like the same boat to me either. Wheres the canopy and its got a blue hull in #3 and white in #5

    • norwegian viking

      You think someone walked on water taking that picture, or that there might be 2 boats involved. And therefor can be 2 different boats (as it is!)

  • Pikesville

    Your pun sucks because whales are mammals, and because you're wrong.

  • Catman

    Good thing it wasn't a sperm whale.

  • Casey R

    How do they know what the whale was thinking?

  • Steak Gorgonzola

    You're gonna need a bigger boat

  • voltron

    stop making boats so sexy

  • catmoustache

    #3 "Playfully"

  • ssg sean m.

    whale – 1
    boat – 0

    reminds to never go out on a boat smaller than a humpback…"playful" or not, no thanks

  • YEMX

    Not the Hump day gallery I was looking for.

  • sfb101

    Hump!?! What hump!?!

  • G8rftball

    The first boat was never hit. The boat that is in the pictures toward the end of the post is actually a Mexican speed boat which was speeding by people watching a whale. The whale did not hit their boat they ran over the whale. You can see how the boat is deflected sideways after hitting the whale. The whale did not seem to be harmed and the boat never stopped.

  • Kevrhutch

    Just watched Jaws so I have to say it " Looks like you're going to need a bigger boat"

  • Oilfieldtrash76

    Not an accurate representation of what happened…..

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