Symmetrical celebrities (16 Photos)

So it turns out if you Photoshop celebrities to be perfectly symmetrical you find out that they look a great deal more alien than you ever would’ve imagined. Some celebs look worse off than others, but you be the judge.

Via Imgur

  • sapientiamagna

    The photoshopper on some of these paid no attention to the actual width of the face. That's probably responsible for 90% of the weirdness.

  • RUhigh

    Well good for you. Now maybe you can quit spamming here and get on with your life.

  • Fish

    #2. Who's this?

  • Mark Almighty

    Since what was likely done is to take cut the face in half, copy and flip one side vertically and attach it to "itself", what would be more interesting is to put two pics of each celebrity side-by-side: one using the left side of the face, the other using the right.

  • Psych

    I find this very interesting, mainly because we generally view symmetry as attractive. In other cases though, we find highly feminine (or masculine) features more attractive. This probably helps explain why some of these photos actually look less attractive.

  • dave

    #2 and #15 still so beautiful

    • unaware

      who is 15?

  • Hoot

    that was different but cool to see..

  • Paul

    The problem is that these are just photoshopped horribly. If they really wanted to prove a point they should have only done the face and not the hair and neck and kept correct human proportions!

  • @laurentaryn

    A lot of these made me go cross-eyed.

  • tv_paul

    A lot of these folks look like they would be perfect for the "Sin City 2 " movie.

  • Chris

    Holy shit, symmetrical Oprah looks just like Beyonce at the Super Bowl…

  • Derpin

    One thing you'll notice if you do a search for this on regular faces is how weird it can be and how celebrities actually look kind of normal. Points to how much emphasis we put on facial features as a part of "beauty."

  • TitsMcGee

    These are just poorly done.. they are not looking directly at the camera or the symmetry is off by a few degrees. 9 is the only one done well.

  • Scuba_Steve33

    Some things seen cannot be unseen. (shudder)

  • shrimpdub

    who is #15

    • Shay

      Kate Beckinsale…

  • KnicksRule

    #15 Even more perfect!

  • Biscuit

    Worst thread ever Chive.

  • gingergreek

    #12 Mel looks like a beast!! #14 a transgender Klingon? #15 Still the most perfect woman!!

  • Baroni06

    #15 Gorgeous! They keep coming out with different "World's Most Beautiful Woman"… they need to just keep giving her that title. She deserves it. Wow…

  • Max-NZ

    8, 10 & 16 – like they meant to be 🙂

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