Walter White’s competition just took a huge hit (7 Photos)

  • Civro

    First ha

    • Jade-Elizabeth


      • Berty

        I think being first is a decent accomplishment , I've never been able to do it . And I guarantee most of the guys that hate on the dudes who are first would write it themselves given the opportunity.

        • j_rizzo

          It's a decent accomplishment for somebody who has never accomplished anything, sure. Aim higher, broseph.

          • lfgd1978

            Maybe he is is aiming as high as he can get…………. or maybe he is just high.

        • mel

          DOUCHE!… girls like me who look at this site don't care for this FIRST shit…. loser doesnt get laid much huh

      • josey

        DOUCHE!… girls like me who look at this site don't care for this FIRST shit…. loser doesnt get laid much huh

    • guest


  • jonny

    Not blue. Doesn't count.

    • HOOK

      As well, 'we must respect the chemistry'..

  • General_80

    Heisenberg certainly wasn't the cook for this batch.

  • Bri Guy

    Looks like they used pseudo instead of methylamine…amateurs

    • Yeaa

      Bri Guy is the gayest way imaginable of referring to yourself if your name is Brian. Just saying.

      • _DoC_

        I agree. Of course if he really is gay, then it would be suitable.

      • Gay Police

        what if he is gay though?

        • Huh

          What is his birth name is just Bri Guy?

  • Jew

    That's a lot of fucking money. My tip is moist!!!

  • savagecabbage

    Looks like someone wasn't taking pride in their product. Don't ever fuck with heisenberg.

  • janco

    Chinese copy cats missed the color 🙂

  • Joe

    They forgot the number one rule: APPLY YOURSELF.

  • Django

    Wait, meth isnt blue? What have I been smoking?

    • Captain Canuck

      Toilet pucks, possibly.

    • Doug

      Smurf pole

  • Mick Taylor

    Straya !!

  • pufffdragon

    Don't put all your eggs in the one basket. Fools!!

    • FiddyKing

      I know right. Different shipments, different shipping companies. Amateurs!!

    • Bob

      What if this was just one of their many different shipments…..

    • vas

      What makes you think that was all their eggs?

  • Fisel

    Look at the billionaires. That's no street corner thug, that's Bill Gates money.

  • nope

    someone is having a VERY bad day.

    • Berty

      Someone had a very bad day, that someone is no longer having days.

  • truth

    Unless you are the Chinese guy making meth, I don't want to hear your b.s.

  • ZZzzZZzz Coffee

    Lohan is gonna be mad when she finds out they got her weekly shipment.

  • Zilby

    800 bucks a gram seems a bit high.

    • _DoC_

      Found the actual meth head.

    • Open Minded

      $770…but yah, way too high.

    • lexluthr

      $935 — everybody's math is off this morning

      • Beck86

        No, your math is off bud….. They estimated the street value of 1290lbs @ $451,000,000. 1290 lbs is 585134.1573 grams. So, take you estimated street value and divide by total grams gives you estimated cost per gram. Which is $770.76/gram. Pretty simple stuff. The only thing wrong, is that horrible estimation. Cops do that on the regualr. Inflate the prices of whatever they seized, just to make it sound a lot better than it is.

    • drew

      its actually more. grams in west oz go for over 1000…

  • My 0.02$

    Someone Probably Got Shot Over That Mistake.

    • David

      I sure hope so!

  • Mike

    Wait a minute… there a typo there? $451,000,000 breaks down to over $21,000 an ounce.

    I'm admittedly not up on what Meth costs, but that seems a little….excessive for a drug popular with backwoods rednecks.

    • _DoC_

      Id venture a guess that this is pure, while what you end up with on the street has been cut many times over.

    • Karl

      Those laundry bags aren't free.

  • tv_paul

    So that's what Calgon's “Ancient Chinese Secret” was.

    • weldee


  • Livin' Legend

    Tight tight tight.

  • Berty


  • joe

    Better check those prices, stuff is about 80-100 per gram. You're about a decimated place off

    • Beck86

      I agree. There was just a typo here. I'm sure its suppose to read 45.1 million. Because then they gave each gram a rough estimation of $77/gram. That makes a lot more sense.

      • drew

        no typo, this is the price of this shit in aus

  • thom

    How in the hell do so many of you know so much about meth?

    • Anonymous

      that's exactly what i was thinking.

      • Bark

        Me too! Wow bunch of meth heads

    • digitalpimp

      Was thinking the same thing. A little googling revealed they are all probably watching 'breaking bad', which the lead dude apparently makes blue crystal meth.

      • Walt blue

        I'm sure that's what it, as it is the best TV show ever created.

  • Huskyowner

    Mark it up. Sell it back. Get some of our cash back.

  • David

    I am glad that stuff was found.

    Don't know though. Sure could help clean the gene pool some.

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