Apparently you can make an AK-47 out of just about anything (25 Photos)

Via Northeastshooters

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  • Your face

    Cool but I wouldn't trust shooting it

    • Dream to Dream

      Why not? The receiver sheet metal is thick as hell, and the guy who put it together knows what he's doing. Though I'd recommend benchresting it… that puppy must weigh a ton.

    • nuccabay

      people make the machines that make the guns that you will shoot…if youre a good enough engineer and have the materials you can make anything

    • Solitaire

      Why not? I imagine its not much different than how they were made at peak production, the only difference is the later versions were stamped hydraulically with dies with dies instead of hammers. Anyone with tool control and competence can make anything.

  • crusher44x

    #25 I see what you did there…

    • Kevin

      Well played, sir… I didn't even notice that until your comment

  • Abrikosmanden

    Riiiight …

  • IamAwesome

    This would be awesome except for the fact that it's bullshit.

    • kryvian


      • Spelling Police

        *because – stay in school.

        • heywood jablowme

          grammar nazis should be shot in the face with homemade AK-47's.

          • David

            spelling, not grammar.

            • J_Ace

              Zing !

      • IamAwesome

        Because you can see in the last picture that upper wasn't made from the shovel. There's no way this guy made an AK from just a shovel. It's bullshit.

        • Lolasaurus

          Just … Stfu I think you've said enough bs for the day.

    • Dream to Dream

      Not enough photos for you?

    • Mike

      Technically, no. AK's are incredibly simple in design, hence their worldwide adoption. The lower receiver has always been traditionnaly made of sheet metal. The fact that he used the shovel blade for that metal means nothing. However…..it doesnt appear that he made the upper receiver himself (or any of the fire control parts). So the title is a bit misleading.

      • Mike

        *traditionally. Nazi my own post

      • whatever

        a sten submachine gun was apparently so simple that they had to redesign it a bit so that the troops trusted it

    • BTME

      No, you are not awesome, you are a tool.

      • IamAwesome

        Your mother loves my awesome dick in her mouth

  • Dave

    Or you could take the $237 and buy one, unless you're into wasting your time.

    • Manicotti

      And knowing how to build anything more elaborate than a sandwich is a waste of time, how?

      • Drew

        "Why would I ever make a sandwich when I can buy a footlong for $5 dur-hur?" -Dave

        • Timmer

          Because subway kicks ass!

  • JTMan


    • William

      Its an AK-47 made from shovel parts. It has Mihaela carved on the gas tube. The bottom picture has a bottle of vodka in front of a hammer and sickle. The only thing that could make this more Russian is if there were many ak's of decreasing size inside the gun.

      • Chris_syd

        That is quite possibly the greatest comment I have ever seen.

        Well done sir, you win all the internets.

      • hara

        *sigh* And now I want Matryoshka Kalashnikovs.

      • IMVHO

        He's using a Craftsman tape measure, while if you check his forum profile his home town is listed as Фрамингхам, which teh gogle tells me is Framingham. Perhaps, in Soviet Massachusetts, AK makes shovel. Anyhow, someone who is missing the motherland, I guess, or the world's worst sleeper agent. 😉

  • William

    If you see the whole thread hes got a different bottle of vodka in almost every picture. made me lol

    • Open your mind bro

      Its only 4 out of 25… 16%

      • Dan

        And one of those is a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. Guys got some class, just not a lot of money.

        • braverybracelets

          Why doesn't he have a lot of money? Finished his little side project and immediately through a pretty expensive scope on it.

    • toots

      your argument is invalid

  • JTMan

    more like 'ussia..

  • tim

    It doesn't say anywhere that he made an auto-seer so I don't see your point…

    • Silverstone

      It doesn't matter, Tim. It's against the law to manufacture firearms in the U.S. without the proper federal permits and licenses.

      • SGT_Fati

        No it's not. It's called a gun trust buddy, aka "Class 3". Allows purchase and creation of AOWs (all other weapons) which include homemade firearms.

        • Salt

          So long as you never sell them or give them away. You can make your own but you have to keep them in your possession.

          • Tommaso

            Holly shit, that's awesome ! Who do I have to f*ck to get a green card and come over from Europe ??
            USA truly is the land of the free… at least for gun enthusiasts.

            • Turd F.

              Do you have the Granddad Law, or are they completely forbidden?

        • SouthernRebel18B

          Amen, sgt. Too many dip shits out there.

      • Jon

        All you need is an ATF form 1 I think?

      • Mhead

        Do some research. It is not against any law. Stop listening to idiots like Bloomberg or morons from the Brady Campaign.

        • Craig

          Exactly. Any U.S. citizen can manufacture firearms of their own as long as they don't intend to sell them or construct an illegal NFA item.

      • https://www.facebook.com/inerlogic John W. O'Brien III

        actually no, you're wrong, you can build a single shot or semi-automatic gun yourself at home and the ATF is happy about it, YOU COULD EVEN SELL IT! provided you mark it and give it a serial number following ATF guidelines….. so why don't you learn what the laws are before running your mouth like an ignorant ass 🙂

        • Brady Tomly

          I like boobs

        • TMNT

          True but you can only make one in your lifetime without a firearms manufacturing license

  • Anonymous
  • Euge

    Pew pew pew pew

    • SSFM

      Yeh, go about saying that in a gun store and i'm sure they would love to shoot your ass. SKOOSEEE!!!

  • MXM

    I choose this man for the zombie apocalypse

  • https://www.facebook.com/justin.lenentine Justin Lenentine


    • https://www.facebook.com/inerlogic John W. O'Brien III

      Actually, he's Ukranian…. he corrected me once…..


  • http://www.addours.com/technology/ak-47-shovel/ An Ak-47 made out of a shovel

    […] via theCHIVE. […]

  • just4fun88


    • hmmmmmmmm

      In Russia AK-47 makes you

  • Lakemonster

    I like the clever use of the shovel as a receiver flat. BTW… you can make 3 homemade guns per year in the USA as long as they conform to NFA rules and 922R. You must engrave a serial # and send in that # to the BATFE.

    • Dream to Dream

      Only needs the serial if you ever sell it/give it away, or take it out of your state of residence.

    • Dan Richardson

      You can make as many per year as you want, you can only sell one per year. All firearms that you make must comply with section 922r as well as the NFA act of 1934, they must be marked with the manufacturers info, such as first initial, last name and city and state where manufactured, no serial number is required unless or until you sell it.

    • Bryan

      As long as the end product is legal and not a regulated type of gun (not full-auto, not a handgun, not a regulated short rifle, etc) and it is for personal use (not for sale) then it's legal and no serial # needed.

  • Bdon

    I was disappointed to find he did not make the AK out of the cat.

  • paige

    That's impressive

  • hmmmmmmmm

    I wanna chill with this guy when the zombie apocalypse comes …

  • Johnny

    He didn't melt it down and reforge it. He heated it up to anneal(soften) the material so he could form it without it cracking/breaking.

  • turdferguson

    Wait till the Feds see this….

    • Mhead

      And there is nothing they can do. Screw the feds.

    • Bryan

      It's legal to do this as long as the end creation is a legal long rifle firearm and you are legally allowed to own rifles (i.e. you're not a felon). You cannot sell/transfer it though.

  • Greg

    I damn well knew it had to be one of my boys from NES (North East Shooters), they truly are some amazing guys 😉

    • MHead

      NES'er here as well. I love the jackwagons that either think it is fake or illegal.

      • Greg

        Hell, the police barely know the gun laws, forget about your average person.

    • https://www.facebook.com/inerlogic John W. O'Brien III

      damn right we are! (iner)

  • Mike Hunt

    you are a pile of shit

  • Mike

    Let's see….if you hit someone REALLY hard with the $2 shit shovel you could do a lot of damage and save yourself the other $200+ and get a real hobby. like gardening…or grave digging.

    • Verbal_Kint

      Or shit shoveling…

  • Tate

    Can't wait for the FPS Russia guy to do a clip on this!

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