One non-profit is bringing military to the mountain (16 HQ Photos)

“Physical limitations,” he said, “are just that – physical limitations. They’re not mental limitations. How far are you willing to let that physical limit get ahead of your mentality? It’s all about trusting yourself and your ability, and just surrounding yourself with soul-feeders and you can do anything.

So that’s why I skied down the mountain.”


Our heroes are given a second chance (11 Photos)

When our veterans fall victim to the darkness and lose all hope… one non-profit steps forward to bring them back into the light.

Read the story of how H.E.R.O.E.S. Care developed a simple idea into an unstoppable force of good, and how Chive Charities got involved to help get our country’s heroes back on their feet.


theCHIVE is coming to Killeen, TX!

Around this time of year as the weather gets warmer, all we can think about is drinking beer on a patio. We’ve decided to make this happen with our military, so we’re heading to the best place in Texas to do so – Killeen, TX – home of Ft. Hood. On February 27th, we’ll be taking over the Pluckers in Killeen to raise a glass with the troops and drink the heck out of some KCCO Beer.