John Cena joins theCHIVE Podcast today! Strap in, folks!!


Let’s preface our interview with WWE Superstar John Cena by saying that one does not simply interview John Cena. The man is so incredibly busy and hard to corral (traveling to 320 shows a year) that we were lucky he made the time to sit down and talk with us just before taping ‘Monday Night Raw’ in Washington D.C.

Cena talked candidly about how his rise to fame came about through the gambles he’s taken, how his experiences with the troops & the Make-A-Wish Foundation grantees changed his life, when he first learned about Chive Nation and became a fan, whether he’ll ever become the villain again, and lastly why owner Vince McMahon is the “Bill Brasky” of the wrestling world.

When you realize how intelligent, humble, and generous this legendary pro wrestler is, you’ll realize why there couldn’t possibly be a better ambassador for America this 4th of July Weekend!!

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