These people exist. Part VIII

a these people exist 4 6 These people exist. Part VIII

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  • Amanda

    *Sigh* Yes, unfortunately, Hasselhoff exists…

    • HellHathNoFury

      Shut up ni**er. The hoffman rules

  • xclusive02

    There are so many cool ones on here. The first guy, “thug life” comes to mind when I see that. The meth head in the wedding dress is just awesome. And any picture with Bettlejuice in it is awesome.

  • die niggers die

    those are some hideous looking niggers ew

    • cumguzzler

      you're so fucking cool guy. congratulations on being awesome.

  • Brandon

    The banana one made me laugh

  • Brad

    #9 should get together with #10 I think he has the hair problem all figured out…

  • Anwar

    if you are speaking of the black car, that is very clalrey a ferrari. For several people to confuse what is clalrey a ferrari F430 for a Porsche makes me wonder what the hell you are doing on a website for car nerds.

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