What started as a blog has turned into a global movement.

Who we are

Chivers everywhere are coming together to become the greatest community of sexy creatures, generous misfits and crazy hooligans to come through the net.

Whether it’s raising money for charity, putting a smile on a stranger’s face, or simply meeting up to grab a beer, Chive Nation is an online community doing AMAZING things both online and offline.

Let's get local

Let's get local

Let's connect

Let's connect

Let's party

Let's party

Chive Chapters

When theCHIVE began throwing official meetups a few years ago, regional groups (or Chive Chapters) began to follow our lead, gathering on social media to throw parties and raise money for charity.

Odds are there's a Chive Chapter near you - join the revolution, get involved, grab some drinks and make a difference in your community by finding your Chapter on our interactive Chive Nation map.

Bona Fide

Bona Fide

Some Chive Chapters have GONE above and beyond the call of duty doing incredible work and being generally awesome. We designate these chapters as Bona Fide - a title for those doing big things in their neck of the woods and representing what theCHIVE is and what it can become.

Houston Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

When Houston Chivers throw parties, we can expect two things. The first is that they are MASSIVE. Hundreds of people pack into their parties and cut loose. THE Second Houston Chivers generosity is just as big. threw a meetup for the Cobb family and their foundation, the JuCan Foundation, which supports families with children suffering from cancer in December of 2011 Together they raised over $9,000.

Denver Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

Denver Chive was the first chapter to raise over $10,000 for Chive Charities through an unofficial meetup (over $14,000, actually). We’ve held two meetups in Denver with them and every time we see pictures from their parties we have to stop ourselves from buying plane tickets to go tie one off. Denver Chive is a great example of our goal of taking our online community offline, connecting in person and meeting new people.

Maryland Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

We first caught wind of theCHIVE Maryland in June of 2013 when they completely blew the roof off of Chive Nation’s charity donation record with a whopping $22,000 for the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. It was the largest donation the SPCA received in 2013 and while most groups would call it a day after that, ChiveMD was just getting started. They continued to party their faces off in the name of charity by raising $25,000 in local initiatives and then raised a whopping $30,000 for Chive Charities on New Year's Eve of 2014.

Arizona Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

In the summer of 2013, we were putting together an official meetup in Arizona to raise money for the families of the 19 elite Granite Mountain Hotshots of Yarnell, AZ, who lost their lives fighting a wild fire. As we began working on the event, we linked up with the local Chive Chapter, Chive on AZ, to help get everything set. Almost immediately we knew these guys were legit. They not only helped lock in the location, but they brought in sponsors, an entire marching band, and created shirts to also raise money for charity. Since then, Chive on AZ has been a standout chapter.

California Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

Chive on Cali is the result of a merge between Chive on LA and Chive on San Diego. LA was established in May of 13′ as a means to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Chive on San Diego followed suit shortly after. Since then, both chapters have put in incredible work and made some huge strides in their respective communities. Together they've raise over $50,000 for Chive Charities and continue to help out on a local level.

Illinois Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

The Chive Illinois, based in springfield, is the largest chapter on Facebook (over 24,000 Deep) and has raised money for local families in need. Most recently, the chive Illinois held a meetup for a little chiver named Matthew Hinkle. Matthew is a 4-year-old boy with an unknown neurotransmitter disorder and multiple arachnoid cysts on his brain.

Chicago Chive
BONA FIDE Chive chapter

Earlier this year, Chive on Chicago raised over $20,000 for Chive Charities and the 100 Club of Chicago, which helps provide for the families of police officers, firefighters and paramedics who have lost their lives in the line of duty. All in all, they’ve raised over $40,000 for organizations such as The American Red Cross, One Fund Boston, Chicago Food Pantry, and Washington, IL Tornado Relief. Their events not only support those causes financially but they raise awareness about the issues at hand and stimulate local business. They almost always exclusively reach out to family or privately owned venues for their parties so they can support small business.


One of theCHIVE’s main goals is to bring the online community offline and the biggest way Chivers have done it is through unofficial meetups.

There are dozens of meetups each weekend, all of them bonkers, all for a good cause. Get in on the action and find one near you here.


The Chivery


  • How do I get involved with Chive Nation?

    Check out our interactive Chive Nation Map and find the chapter nearest you.

  • Who runs the Chive Chapters?

    Chive Chapters are run by some of the most passionate members of Chive Nation! They've all started on their own.

  • How do we plan events / raise money?

    Being part of a Chive Chapter means having a great team to take on the workload and responsibilities of planning an event. Most chapters select a cause, utilize ticket sales, raffles, and shirts through the Chivery to generate funds.

  • How do we become a Bona Fide Chapter?

    Bona Fide Chapters are hand picked by the Chive Nation team. We want to recognize those chapters that have gone above and beyond.

  • I work / own a venue that wants to partner with a Chive CHAPTER.

    Take a look at the Chive Nation Map and find a Chapter near you to connect with! If you're having trouble connecting, feel free to use our contact section and we can assist you.

  • I want to start a Chive CHAPTER

    To apply to start a chapter click this link and complete the application form. The Chive Nation team will follow up with you and take it from there.

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