Daily morning randomness 4.17.09 (30 photos)

a random funny hilarious 4 17 09 0 Daily morning randomness 4.17.09 (30 photos)

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  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    If you look at the three icons on the left side of the knitted iPhone, it kinda looks like Luigi.

  • top dog

    I like that lion. Yep, just licking my balls.
    And them tigers are looking at that cat like he wondered off in the wrong neighborhood.

  • sheriff

    why does the lion lick his own balls?
    because he can…

  • Finn McCool

    its a good post but did we really need to see the southpark picture THREE times?

  • americanman

    9/11 jokes will never be funny

  • Weekkeb

    Your King Jong Twin Towers joke was sickening.

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