• John

    Happy birfamaday, sis. You’re the super-hybrid

  • Lisa

    Happy birthday, Megan!

  • Mike

    Vavavavooom! I want to give Megan a present of my own!

  • LOL

    Happy Birthday To You Megan! Don’t hurt yourself (too much) partying!

  • Leo

    I will be at IU every other weekend next year. Fact.

  • Emily

    Meg! You are my favorite sister. Bro Leo was lying when he said he would be at IU every other weekend next year… He is too lazy to drive his ass down there. Bro John wasn’t lying- you are the super-hybrid! p.s. Who is Mike on this feed? He fell in love…

  • Jimmy

    She is currently throwing up as I view this wonderful thread

  • Anonymous

    God i love u people at the chive

  • Megan

    A: this is hilarious
    B: I want to go back to Megan age 3

  • LOL

    Megan…are ya moving around yet? Doesn’t the Monday after your birthday SUCK?!?

  • Anonymous

    LOL: let’s just say that Megan drunk dialed me at 9:30 am on her 21st. Shampoo effect from the night before. I’m going to put money on Meg meg still being drunk on Monday.

  • Mgean

    .. you would’ve won money

  • max

    happy late birthday! 😉

  • xclusive02

    I hope Pedobear gets her…. lol

  • at work

    megan is hot!

  • deadmode

    haha good stuff!

  • Leo

    Mike: I will kill you where you sleep.

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