The 8 stages of dating (8 photos)

a 8 stages dating0 The 8 stages of dating (8 photos)

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  • Amanda

    Cynics. ^_^

  • Looney

    All true.

  • abilities651


  • xclusive02

    ha ha ha, made my day. LOL.

  • Melanie

    haha so true

  • Maddie

    omg. made my day rite there! hilarious and sooo true!

  • Rob

    Ha ha, this was funny. It isn’t true for everyone, but it is definitely a very real possibility for a lot of people. Relationships are very rewarding IF you put the time and effort into them, otherwise they tend to slowly dwindle away.

  • shocked-robisgay

    wow, who knew rob was such a fag? my wife needs a new gay friend, hers just moved away. are you available?

  • Really? = |

    Umm. . .

  • Da Sandman

    my fiancé and i are getting dangerously clsoe to decline :-/ this woman can't stop starting fights with me :s plus she's getting fat…

    • Tang Captain

      Well, are you still with her, or did you do the smart thing and get out while you could?

  • Flake

    Sure would be nice if you could oh I don't know, credit TheOatmeal for his comic that you post.

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  • Nateb123

    Cynics or realists? Most people suck and their relationships suck more. That’s why I prefer a sense of superiority to compliment the hole I feel inside! Much better than comfortable but horrible relationships and drinking! 😀

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