Wow, only in China (17 Photos)

only china weird Wow, only in China (17 Photos)

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  • Hannah

    Stop being racist.

  • Anonymous

    The ignorance of americans is disgusting.

  • robin yates

    I agree with the previous comment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I’m sure it is only some who are really ignorant

  • Anonymous

    so wat if its racist this site has much worse than this….but funny pics tho

  • Anonymous

    The image of "China Under Water" is actually in Japan, not in China. Wonder how many other photos here are wrongly attributed.

    • amped1

      Wrong. That is a fast food chain store in China. I have eaten there many times before.

  • brucechino

    The LOLrus wants bucket not car.

    • Jen


  • Chine et plagiat, jusqu’à l’exposition universelle ? » le Blog Chine

    […] ces choses insolites que l’on peut voir en Chine avec de belles photos en illustration (un peu comme ici), mais c’est sur la page facebook du webmaster de Chine-Informations que j’ai trouvé […]

  • Craig

    #3, she is holding chicken or duck feet in her left hand.

  • cubanitagirl

    #17 is hillarious! lol

  • Thadeus Roberts

    Crazy kids

  • dingoshep

    #5 these people will eat anything!

  • Hadrien

    Oh My God this is Crazy !!
    The lavatory are hillarious

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