Hot Right Now: Random memes that made us spit out our morning coffee this week (60 photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.28.09 (20 Photos)

random ninja turtle Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.28.09 (20 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    what are those nuts

    • Peter Bergman

      Probably shell fish of some kind.

  • Anonymous

    st. vital sucks

  • LOL

    “what are those nuts”-guessing Almonds.
    I’m also thinking the chipmunk is taxidermy because they’d play hell getting a live critter to sit there with a toy on his back. Might be photoshop but if so, they did a great job. They even put the toys shadow on there.

    Makes me LOL that out of all those pictures, you noticed the nuts & St. Vital?!? LOL

    Alrighty then. 😀

  • xclusive02

    great back tat. Very nice art work on that

  • junephilippines

    last one is bad influence…hehhe

  • ken

    Sadly, it wasn’t even windy that day….

  • Anonymous

    Upgraded ram, heh!

  • Angilina Rani

    Most Famous Fake Breasts

    LOL they sugur thr tits just to get famous yiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i wana also heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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