Weekend randomness 5.2.09 (50 photos)

a random funny pics ju 40 Weekend randomness 5.2.09 (50 photos)

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  • stfu


  • LOL

    If you two will go look at the other 1000's of photo galleries you'll notice that that "first" crap hasn't happened here. No one gives a rats ass in a rainstorm if you popped a cherry or worse, popped it second. ::) LOL 😀

    • Gagan

      I’m so glad you found llttie ALLEY CAT and are giving him the best cat life ever!! I can feel the love in the photo of you holding him. Alice

  • DUV3


  • junephilippines

    funny superman comics… 🙂

  • Rawrbies

    Lol Kanye West.

  • AWDesome

    Is that one girl freaking calling me a hipster? How dar she.

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