Regrettably awesome senior pictures (25 photos)

a funny senior pictures 2 Regrettably awesome senior pictures (25 photos)

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  • parrislove

    did i see kevin federline? hahaha

  • Lame

    Horrid photoshop skillz

  • theswiftstorm
  • Givenchy – Fall 2011 Couture- Best Yearbook Photo EVER. | Teacups & Couture

    […] in the middle of summer just so our makeups would cake and make us look waxy FOREVER! I mean, those photos will last through several lifetimes- that is the stuff people dig up when you turn famous to show how bad you looked during that […]

  • brandy foley

    you should see casey zimmermans

  • Eric

    Gameboy exuse me*

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