Looks photoshopped, but it's not Part 3 (25 Photos)

shopped not lead Looks photoshopped, but it's not Part 3 (25 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    mostly all of this stuff is totally awesome

  • Anonymous

    soooooo shopped

  • http://www.xerxy.com/2009/06/17/cool-wavy-building/ Cool wavy building » The Xerxy Web

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  • Liz

    The rainbow one is totally impossible! rainbows aren’t physical things their position is fully based on your position relative to the sun. how the f***…? and i do NOT want to live wherever those stoplights are.

  • Bill

    Pic 7 is shopped, the cave is located in Mexico and was featured on a nat geo special earlier this year. The air inside the cave is 120F and not breathable due to a lack of oxygen and natural toxins in the air. Anyone entering the cave has to wear a special suit with a respirator and can only stay inside for 30 minutes before the heat starts to cause damage to the human body. Entrance to the cave is strictly controlled and its sealed off to everyone but the scientists who are studying the formations in the cave.

    • cavedoug

      The Crystals are real and that big, but the guy ,I doubt he was there. Everyone I know who enterd this sealed room in a deep Silver Mine in Mex was wearing full respirators and thermal suits. The air is so hot and humid it will burn your lungs.

  • quarterwit

    And of course any of you guys cannot link to the article. Thanks, now we have to go looking for that page.

  • Anonymous

    The One With The Floating Pipe Is Just A Glass Tube Going Through The Water.

  • halfwit

    how many of these did you rip off from cracked.com? honestly give credit when credit is due, a simple link to them would have sufficed

  • Alex.O_O

    and where the hell is the pot of gold?????? (yes i plan on being a troll :))

  • halfwit

    by the way, those who are skeptical of these pictures, the original article on cracked has explanations for most of them

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