Hot Right Now: Nothing is cuter than a girl with dimples (27 Photos)

When did sorority girls get this hot? (45 Photos)

alpha phi lead When did sorority girls get this hot? (45 Photos)

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  • alwaysthatguy

    I knew I should have gone to Arizona… oh well, Chive On from U of M

  • Tenny

    There must be some unwritten law where all women have to squat when being photographed in groups…

  • Revlis1

    Yeah hot, in that Cookie Cutter, Tramp Stamp, Vanilla, and absolutely void of original thought sorta way. Same boring cliched ink, hair, yadda yadda…

    Sorry that was harsh, I guess everything I needed to know about Sorority girls I learned at the House.

  • John Robert

    Nice spelling for Vanderbilt.

    What inutil uses Vanderbuilt? Huh?

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