Daily morning randomness 6.3.09 (28 photos)

a funny random hilarious 48r 24 Daily morning randomness 6.3.09 (28 photos)

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  • at work

    WOW pic #3 and the girl in the red bottoms are amazing

  • Ali

    pic #12 is too nice.. i will drink her bath water!!

  • Jhazz

    that of course she would not mind., But then, in alosmt a whisper, she asked why all of us were so dressed up.I told her that I couldn’t speak for anyone else, but that my two friends and I had never been to Coney Island, and we had been told how beautifully the Russian women here dress , and we did not want to feel out of place. Besides, I added, my friends were visiting from Ohio, and they always dress like this on Lake Erie.Then, with a puzzled voice, and pointing to my one-strapped bright pink dress with sequins down the front, she added, but that must have cost more than $100 (actually $19), and your silver shoes (which I walked the beach and swam in), here you are ruining them. I told her that especially in NY, that sometimes one had to risk ruin for style. She told me I had a point, but again asked about the others. I told her that I could only speak for the 3 of us, as I didn’t know anyone else at the beach.

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