Beauty Queens of yesteryear (12 photos)

a beauty queens old photos Beauty Queens of yesteryear (12 photos)

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  • Laura

    aww these women are beautiful!!

  • Many Axe


  • eboue


  • omnomnomnom

    been there done that

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  • Jessica

    Such stunning, natural beauties! I much prefer these gals to the modern day, Barbie doll-esue beauty queens. Thank you for rounding up these charming photos, I enjoyed seeing them a lot.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Jessica (

  • John

    Miss Russie looks like Anne Hathaway. Git it.

  • bf

    Miss Hungary is my grandma!

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  • Jane

    They’re so pretty. I wish those standards of beauty were still around. They’re natural beauties, not fake like the women today.

  • No

    Natural? They are wearing tons of make up. What makes them so angelic is the lousy photo quality, which blurs out pores and wrinkles and bad skin.

  • robert ball

    And don’t forget, most of them would be considered way overweight by today’s standards. I wonder what people will thing of OUR emaciated beauty queens, a hundred years from now?

  • clowno

    miss netherlands is a dead ringer for Kirsten Dunst.

  • Jimbo_Slice

    Miss Russie is gorgeous! why wont women look like this now?

  • Paige Stine

    These women are still so lovely even though they are not photoshopped =). Why can't we be like that and go a day without altering an image?

  • curt

    meh- i get it, but none of these women really do anything for me… just bein honest here

  • Charles

    Greece, Estonia, Russia, and Holland. What the hell happened to women? Oh wait, MTV happened.

  • Peter B

    Russian broads are hotttttt

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