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Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.17.09

boy lead photo Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.17.09

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  • Dez!

    Who is the chick in the green top a few from th bottom?


  • Nathan

    Just wondering…is it really 2008 again!?! =-o
    oh em gee!

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Peace, love, light,

  • Caroline

    I would like to thank for 1) emailing me back, 2) being so nice, and 3) posting the pictures of my dog screaming and the best worst $60 I have ever spent on a tattoo.

    submit your photos! they really do post them! rules!
    Caroline Giddens

  • J. Chop2099

    That dude with the SG has me rollin’ right now!!!! What a tool!

  • Dave

    The chick in the green top is Hetta Bjorksen, a top Swedish model.

  • Josh Gorter
  • LOL

    I AM TELLING YOU PEOPLE these guys have a time machine! LOL Good catch!

    And for Caroline…HECK yeah these are nice guys! They haven’t let the success get to their heads…big or little…YET! LOL

    Ah hem…uh where was I going with that?? LOL OH yeah…they’re really nice guys. I can always count on this site for a different perspective & a laugh just when I’m needing it most. 😉 They are hired. 🙂

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