That's Tony Hawk… skateboarding thru the White House (5 Photos)

tony hawk whitehouse That's Tony Hawk... skateboarding thru the White House (5 Photos)

Ashton Kutcher dared Tony Hawk to skateboard through the White House on Friday…and he did. I have to imagine that’s on his Top 10 Awesome Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die list.

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  • omnomnomnom

    he would

  • Equalizer

    I envy him, last time I did that inside school corridor I got a free trip in the Principal’s Office…

  • Scott

    That’s seriously fucking disrespectful.

  • LMXV

    Calm down Scott, the White House isn’t a church.

    • Anonymous


  • Skateboarder

    Pretty cool. Would have been nicer with a street skater tho. I don’t think there are many half pipes at the white house.

  • mtr39

    come on man, i bet past presidents have jizzed all over those corridors

  • Steveo

    I love this guy. He is cool without trying to be cool.

  • thatsthetruth

    The photos of him inside arent in the white house.. That is the executive building next to the white house. Still awesome but im just sayin.

  • backsavekkk


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