• mister_onetwo

    Taco Bell, in partnership with Playboy, introduces its new 89 cents menu

    • tinu

      nah uh, 69 cents!!! 😉

  • ididit

    Playboy: bankrupt

  • Ben

    Playboy – where the girls are as fake as the food at Taco Bell.

  • AJ

    In this photo, Hugh Hefner gets some tacos. And he goes to Taco Bell too!

  • Kelldred

    They’re all pissed the fat one on the far left offered to blow Hugh for Taco Bell.

  • flav

    When you got that many chicks to entertain, your budget for clothing drops radically.

  • flav

    Recession hits even the best of the californian homes.

  • jefe

    Where the tacos are fresh, but the meat is old.

  • Evihc

    Dum dumb blondes still stick with a banckurpted old fart.
    Brunettes are gone, no surprise.

  • Bassiks

    After receiving complaints about salary’s hugh plans a trip to show his girls where they would be without him.

  • everweij

    New shipment of chicken breasts supplied by Playboy

  • Paul Cramp

    How to keep erect on a slippery floor !

  • panch

    Taco Bell…the only place hugh can give these girls hard meat

  • boygenuis

    In attempts to promote his magazine Playboy, porn mogul Hugh Heffner has teamed up with fast food restaurant Taco Bell for a new menu item, “The Pink Taco”

  • CUrraNT

    Getting firm, succulant, tender natural breasts came at a new price…. $1.99!

  • chellan

    the girls went to get a greasy lump of meat thats been left out too long…… they found Hugh Hefnner

  • GS11

    Hef goes to Hell… Taco Hell that is.

  • digitsis

    mmmm skanky

  • justin s

    I’ll have the #!, #2, #3, #4……,#5…., #6, and lets go ahead and super size me.

  • Jeff

    Taco Bell – proof that times are tough.

  • miaoww

    the most inappropriate thing about this photo–twins, both breaking fashion law in Uggs.

  • abomb

    These ladies will be having the SOFT taco.

  • Pumbaa

    Promo shoot for taco bell’s new “Bald Taco Supreme”

  • Adrian

    “the one on the far left brought us here”

  • Jeff

    Hef brings his own tacos to taco bell!!!

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