• John

    Everything was ordered super sized.. and with a straight fae

  • matt

    out of the corner of Hef’s mouth: “mabye if we stand still long enough girls, she will go away”

  • Chase

    because all that viagra doesn’t give his heart enough problems

  • k4

    Hef loves the taco

  • Bob

    “I’ll have what he’s having.”

  • Walter

    “When I was your age, girls, there was no McDonalds.”

  • forge

    (points to twins immediately on Hef’s left hand) There you have it folks, two Hef “girlfriends” who DON’T have giant plastic boobs. The universe will now collapse on itself. Have a nice day.

  • Matt

    Give ’em the taco shits to take focus off your impotency

  • Razi Navarro

    Story of Evolution

    Yes, there were bad times

  • Yak

    Now the dirty beef is no longer just behind the counter. Its in front too.

  • mk60543

    Playboy….our buns don’t have seeds!

  • HK

    Playboy, where I can have it my way…

  • Anonymous

    I asked “what do they see in him” The guy behind the counter said, “I don’t know? He just sits down licks his eybrows and they are all over him.”

  • Anonymous

    dont hot chicks know fast food makes you fart

  • Bouff

    “It took me over 10,000 kid’s meals but I finally got the whole set!”

  • meh

    This photo was taken 1.5 hrs before a methane fueled explosion at the PLayboy Mansion

  • Anonymous

    The Special Sauce Machine is broken…only dust is coming out.

  • at work

    no fat chicks

  • lurch11

    Think outside the bun, and cum inside for bunnies.

  • Verna

    Nice post. thechivec.ok is my favorite site.

  • Bossman

    Alright bitches… 89 cent taco or 89 year old weiner… make ur choice.

  • poopstabber

    Is that Stifler's mom?

  • Anonymous

    He got the Happy Meal 🙂

  • zach

    when did taco bell start selling fish tacos?

  • Daniel


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