• LIsterine Joe

    I found Donkey!

    • HK


  • Richard

    The real reason the villages grabbed their pitchforks!

  • Mitch

    She’s Coo Coo for Ogre Nuts?

  • flav

    “I can’t believe it’s this small! He’s a huge guy, but also very tiny”.

  • tosspotben

    “Would you like to meet the Jolly green giant?”

  • reddet


  • Bob

    apparently getting ahead at Dreamworks aint as easy as it used to be…..

  • xclusive02

    Pedobear pulls out all the stops on Halloween

  • Ruben

    (Homer Simpson voice) MMMMMMM….. green balls

  • Anonymous

    *thumbs up* gingers arent that bad for having no souls.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Onions have layers. Ogres (pants) have layers, Donkey. Donkey’s do not have layer’s.

  • Pumbaa

    Lady: Are you sure this will work??

    Shrek: I sware i’ll turn into a young handsome prince :::fingers crossed:::

  • Dwils

    Ogres are like Onions!

  • Spider

    I am sure Mike Myers career is around here somewhere.

  • Stu

    Carrot Top’s career took a tumble down a dark and horrible path…

  • Aaron

    Apparently, getting head is easier at Dreamworks than getting ahead.

    (using previous submission)

  • CUrraNT

    Why is this part red?

  • Anonymous

    That’ll do!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… Smells like cheese.

  • simmeonmyway

    ogre dick trolling

  • Clamydia

    green; slimy; yup its ghonneria

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  • Bradass

    Get Out of My Swamp…Ass

  • me

    even shrek has to settle for what he can get sometimes

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