yep, he fed ’em after midnight


    ….with their only virgin for 2 hours, now I’m their king.

  • xclusive02

    when she said she was pregnant, this isn’t what I had expected

  • Jiggy Matt

    Holy crap I have a lot of these things.

  • Lizzy

    yes, I have some regrets

  • 7ru7h


  • googo

    When you see it, you will shit brix !

  • adam

    Dude, I thought they were with you?!

  • Inulin

    why am i shitting brix?

  • googo

    Because i said so !

  • anonymouse

    don’t click back after hitting add to cart

  • nebugeater

    OK, Now we know where all the Furbies went after they went out of style!

  • rjh

    when John returned from football practice and said he had sold some outrageuos dummies…..

  • jniz

    Down here in Kentucky, Jim-Bob has cornered the market for Bears with Downs statuettes …

  • matt

    Looks like Kanye West’s date at the VMA’s did have a family.

  • Jeff

    So, I’m off to sell my wares to the traveling circus. Anyone have a spare box car?

  • Jeff

    …and if you make one more ball in the goldfish bowl, you can trade all the little ones for the big one in the back.

  • Matt

    We cant date anymore

  • miette

    I told you not to give him water …

  • robert ball

    We are invaded your flea market! All your kitsch are belong to us!

  • Razi Navarro

    Evolution takes its toll on us. ONLY ONE SHALL SURVIVE

  • Razi Navarro

    Our Children…..

  • jordan

    one ring to bind them,one ring to rule them all

  • Reg

    We do what we do every night pinky, WE TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

  • Anonymous

    thats when I realized I should have used that condom…

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