Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.07.09

random funny dead Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.07.09

  • robin yates

    Madonna looks wierd

    • SmokeyTheBear


  • ranneys1

    you are always within 6 feet of a spider no matter where you are. putrid creatures.

  • somethings

    hmmm…i felt like i had seen about 4 of these pictures in other recent past chive posts….

  • Mr. Quackers

    Yep, bout 4 of these were just posted a couple of days ago. Maybe a little quality control…..

  • Signe

    I guess Madonna is pretty photoshopped in that pic, but she’s creepy enough even without it.

  • aaron

    XCLUSIVE do not post a comment on here, your face is ugly and everything you say is pointless. With that said I count 5 Im pretty sure ive seen that passport on here before, maybe 6 I would have to look at the rice art gallery again.

  • t-rad

    I think that first one is a cake of lenin’s dead body…sure looks like lenin.

  • robin yates

    cake of Lenin ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cream tea of Gorbechov ?,,,,,,,,,, Big Mac of bush ???

  • Digitsis

    Cream tea of Gorbacov – hee hee. But that Lenin Cake is very creepy – disturbing really.
    Love the picture cut into the field… is that rape seed?

  • xclusive02

    ok pics. seen better

  • xclusive02

    oh, and if I saw a family member made into a cake, Id freak the F out

  • more original

    wow there is alot of shit that has been re-posted alot on this damn site. . .6 pictures in this “gallery” alone. . .change the name of this site to reposted.com . . .

  • DANG

    I’ve always preferred Melon-Joker to the regular Joker.

  • Anonymous

    Pic 3: There is a wet pussy joke here somewhere but for the life of me I

  • Nagrom

    #9 is at Snugbury’s Icecream Farm. In Cheshire England. Just down the road from me.

    Every year in autumn, Fall to you heathens, they make massive hey sculptures. Thats a replica of Jodrell Bank radio telescope.

    They’ve had working windmills, Big Ben clock tower that told the time, a rocket. REALLY impressive stuff.

  • http://www.phototoad.ru/ DoDo

    Да уж, Мадонна в роли ВДВшника это просто жесть =D

  • ribac

    the pic about the drivers license is actually true,it happened in croatia.

  • Anonymous

    …speaking of pointless posts…

  • LOL

    Spiders are cool! They eat all sorts of bugs that are real pests. Mosquitoes come to mind specifically. Besides, any animal with that many eyes is awesome!

    I’m guessing the guy with the piss drop on his shorts just doesn’t know how to close things off-like cabinet doors or his bladder. lol

    The crocheted motorcycle is awesome! Finally something for my grandma to do with her remnants!

    And all you bitching about duplicate postings, the site is free and it was a Friday post! Whatddaya expect? Jeeze! LOL

  • SreyaNotfilc

    “I’m guessing the guy with the piss drop on his shorts just doesn’t know how to close things off-like cabinet doors or his bladder. lol”

    –Or he tried too hard flexing his muscles. I don’t even wanna know what showing on his backside.

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