Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.07.09

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random funny dead Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.07.09

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  • robin yates

    Madonna looks wierd

    • SmokeyTheBear


  • ranneys1

    you are always within 6 feet of a spider no matter where you are. putrid creatures.

  • somethings

    hmmm…i felt like i had seen about 4 of these pictures in other recent past chive posts….

  • Mr. Quackers

    Yep, bout 4 of these were just posted a couple of days ago. Maybe a little quality control…..

  • Signe

    I guess Madonna is pretty photoshopped in that pic, but she’s creepy enough even without it.

  • aaron

    XCLUSIVE do not post a comment on here, your face is ugly and everything you say is pointless. With that said I count 5 Im pretty sure ive seen that passport on here before, maybe 6 I would have to look at the rice art gallery again.

  • t-rad

    I think that first one is a cake of lenin’s dead body…sure looks like lenin.

  • robin yates

    cake of Lenin ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cream tea of Gorbechov ?,,,,,,,,,, Big Mac of bush ???

  • Digitsis

    Cream tea of Gorbacov – hee hee. But that Lenin Cake is very creepy – disturbing really.
    Love the picture cut into the field… is that rape seed?

  • xclusive02

    ok pics. seen better

  • xclusive02

    oh, and if I saw a family member made into a cake, Id freak the F out

  • more original

    wow there is alot of shit that has been re-posted alot on this damn site. . .6 pictures in this “gallery” alone. . .change the name of this site to reposted.com . . .

  • DANG

    I’ve always preferred Melon-Joker to the regular Joker.

  • Anonymous

    Pic 3: There is a wet pussy joke here somewhere but for the life of me I

  • Nagrom

    #9 is at Snugbury’s Icecream Farm. In Cheshire England. Just down the road from me.

    Every year in autumn, Fall to you heathens, they make massive hey sculptures. Thats a replica of Jodrell Bank radio telescope.

    They’ve had working windmills, Big Ben clock tower that told the time, a rocket. REALLY impressive stuff.

  • http://www.phototoad.ru/ DoDo

    Да уж, Мадонна в роли ВДВшника это просто жесть =D

  • ribac

    the pic about the drivers license is actually true,it happened in croatia.

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