Daily morning randomness 8.19.09 (28 photos)

a random funny hilarious kka 13 Daily morning randomness 8.19.09 (28 photos)

  • Bill

    Cool pic of the three albino chicks, odds are that they are sisters and the parents are eother both albino or one has a strong gene for it.

  • Equalizer


  • more original

    oh look only 8 reposts

  • Quitcha Bitchin

    Look only one preson complaining about reposts

  • xclusive02

    I want that little dog. And his accessories…. IS that lettuce?

  • aaron

    No you moron thats weed. No one likes a sarcastic pric.

  • Digitsis

    the dalmatian picture is very cool.

  • xclusiveisgay

    No one likes you xclusive, stop posting

  • 侃爷

    oh,god! snowballs??

  • Dingo

    in soviet russia we say when you make phone call

  • Anonymous

    That seal is from an animal bukkake web site.

  • Anonymous

    no one likes you either dipshit.

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