Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.20.09 (20 Photos)

civil lead chive Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.20.09 (20 Photos)

  • Digitsis

    awwwww those huskie puppies are adorable.

  • Moi

    Is that Andre the Giant? 🙂

  • Equalizer

    That Antenna Mascot is Hilarius! Huskies are cute and Yes that is Andre the Giant..

  • Digitsis

    probably a dumb question but who is the black guy with the corn rows? I see him on here a lot but I do not know who he is.

  • Bill

    Those piercings are really stupid, thats something you cant walk away from when you start stretching out your nose and lip.

  • robin yates

    some really different and funny pics here,,,,,,,,,,,thanks

  • blueberryvoodoo

    officially love second to last one, welcome to america

  • steve

    Jesus didnt tell her heatlcare was bad, he told her to keep eating fast food and dove ice cram bars because all the other suckers in the country (like all the other suckers in the other universal halthcare countries do) will pay for her to be fat and on disability or get surgery and expensive meds!
    they system works (for the companies)!

  • Phideauxe

    Thanks for covering the punchline with your logo. Probably wasn't funny anyway.

  • lol

    Yes it is. And I think that’s, um, crap, what’s his name? Ponch from C.H.i.P.S. that’s getting his head held by Andre. ;D

    Snow balls on dogs are a PAIN IN THE ASS.

    And the body modification dude, I think she’s dating him just to piss her parents off.

    Oh well, as long as they’re happy. ;D

  • crabbieguy

    that is xzibit he is a rapper kinda and he host a show about pimpin rides

  • ken

    …looks like Eric Estrada.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed…what an absolute dickhead that guy is.

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