It's not a kid, it's a dog (18 Photos)

kid leash lead It's not a kid, it's a dog (18 Photos)

  • Digitsis

    It is not bad parenting to use a tether. When you have lost your child in a crowd you will understand the sense of these things. When people drag their kids by the leash (or the arm/leg) that is bad parenting.

    • Sean

      I manged to raise 5 children to adulthood including twins without ever needing
      A leash or losing them anywhere!
      Your argument is invalid!

  • Horn

    This infuriates me!!!!!

  • EsP

    There has GOT to be a better way of doing this?

  • Sassy


  • nduanetesh

    I like the ones that look like a cute backpack…because apparently they think it looks less like you have your child on a leash.

  • Lily

    I don’t see what the problem is, at least they’re making sure their kids don’t get lost! The FACT that so many people were overweight in those pics is more of a problem then a toddler leash.

  • the stranger

    As a pedophile, I hate these leashes. They make it so difficult to abduct children who like to wander from their parents.

  • grlgeorge

    I think they are a great idea. I especially like the little monkey back pack one….
    LOL a monkey on the kids back…. LOL

    too true, stranger, too if they could just make them electric, they could zap your ass as soon as you get the kid……

    see ya wigglin around on the ground, with the kid laughin at ya…

    wooo hooooooo

  • Equalizer

    It’s one thing to insure your kids won’t get lost and fall to “the stranger”.

  • Veronarat

    I think these are a great idea! They keep your child right with you and you know if they aren’t because the rope tugs at you, and you know they aren’t able to run off. I think it’s a great idea too. And it’s a great way to keep creepers like “the Stranger” from taking your kids.

  • xclusive02

    I think I win because I was never put into one of these.

  • huh

    I don’t see what the big deal is. People grow up and pay good money to be put on a leash.

  • Louise

    Until you’ve had a 2 yr. old dash across a busy parking lot (as you’re trying to take his infant sister from her car seat), you may not truly appreciate these things. But once you’ve had something like that happen, you will see them in a whole other way! Proper nannies in Britain always use the leash; they’re excellent safety equipment! Just think about it: would you take your precious toy poodle to a mall crawling with potential dog-nappers without either carrying her or keeping her on a leash? Why wouldn’t you afford your child the same security/protection?

  • robin yates

    seems like a good idea unless the kid copies a dog and cocks his leg on a lampost

  • LOL

    I guess I am in the minority. I hate these things. I was given one when I was pregnant with our first child. I tried it at the mall when they were just starting to walk really well.

    I hated putting it on my kid and the kid hated wearing it. I never used one again.

    I’d rather put them in the stroller, hold their hand, or carry them. Leashes are for dogs IMHO. We do things to/for dogs that we would never do to/for a child. Leashes are in that category. 😉

  • pundit

    pay attention to your kid! hold their hand in public! take some effing responsibility! WTF!

    youre comparing your child to a toy poodle? wtf is wrong with you people? keep an eye on your kid if you take them out in public. be a gd parent!

    • Lance

      They are taking responsibility, Ie the leash. Work smarter not harder. :^)

    • evad

      do YOU HAVE a KID ?

  • Dom

    How do I submit pictures? I went to the zoo a couple weeks ago and have three different mothers with kids on leashes. This shit is a joke. Learn to control your damn kid.

    • Lance

      This is when your kids are going to laugh at you.

  • Stereotypical Guy

    Pretty funny its only white people who use this

  • EsP

    4th Pic from the Bottom, Drag your little mistake across the carpet now!!

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  • Davo

    I’ve been having a chuckle at the people shouting “control your kid”, etc. It’s called “good parenting”. Go and read Professor Winston’s theories and come back with a vaild argument.

  • Luce

    For those with the “learn to control your kids”/ “take responsibility”/ etc. comments, I guess you don’t have kids. Or you’re a very judgy parent. Either way, you probably do other stuff some parents wouldn’t approve so shut it.

    My child has one that I use for when we’re in airports. If said toddler were at gate and you, the very uncomprehensive/ judgy person/ just-not-a-kid-type, were sitting there minding your own business, I think you’d appreciate that the kid is restrained and not running around trying to grab stuff, crawling under your seat or doing something else you’d surely complain about.

    Its also hard to walk around crowded places with luggage, a stroller and a child that no longer wants to sit still. So something like the leash makes it easier to let them walk without them running off and having to leave your stuff mid aisle.

    Either way, I guess someone will raise their eyebrow and go “tsk, tsk”. I’m sure you always floss and recycle perfectly, too.

  • Lise'itlikeitis

    Either the parent does not believe in holding their own childs hand,and/or teach them with words not to do this or that or don’t go there But then there’s always the possibility of kiddie panhandlers in training..”Heylook ma/pa i found a nice shiny heads up lincoln and look only using one hand like that pickpocket training video we watched yesterday” shshshshshss,aw kids wil say the darndest things, but there’s an Art to it,possibly a link,and heres my letter.This is as bad as the new parents today bouncin their baby’s head and neck side to side in those big ol’ car seat/baby carriers Its selfish and no physical contact like cuddeling your child, carrying or for the childs sake holding on to their little hand,to take a walk,seems to have gone out of style with the class of Love,I bet these are some of the same people that pack there pooch in a coach purse too, not to get off track…but whats next a bungie cord or one of those control-the-length leashes they sell at pet stores. I don’t know but seems like its a whole new leash on life to me ,Hey anyone agree with me or if you’d like to indulge in the matter at hand lol would appreciate your input. Lise’it like it is@ChachachaChive Talkin’ P.S. and with all due and the utmost respect to Mr. Art Linkletter whose variety show was a regular on the tube in my household growing up..and actually miss it. Those were the days I took tap dancing class through one of his studios at age 6 peritty coool huh?!

  • Drunk

    Haha, when I was a toddler my mom bought one of these leashes. She put it on me while we were still in the mall and I made such a scene yelling my lungs off that she had to return it baha. I was pretty well behaved though so my mom didn’t need it, but I can see how some kids are more adventurous than others.

  • Koko

    I understand the need for the leash with some of the younger kids, but some of those kids are too old not to understand the reason why they shouldn’t be randomly wandering off into the street. After a certain point it does turn into lazy parenting.

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