It's not a kid, it's a dog (18 Photos)

kid leash lead It's not a kid, it's a dog (18 Photos)

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    […] Speaking of dogs, you ever see those cute little dogs on leashes that bear a striking resemblance to babies? Yeah, those are that type of parents I’d like to hit. That ain’t your dog lady, that’s you f***ing kid! Is there a reason they need a leash? Here are those parents with their kids on leashes. (TheChive) […]

  • Momof1

    Atleast my sons Harness is cheaper then a funeral

  • mpw

    Yea great idea for lazzy ass parents who are to busy to watch there kids when there walkin.strictly for LAZY ass fucks like in the pics above.congrats it saved ur life,glad to know every dog has its day lmfao!

  • Benny

    So you were the one that brought that ankle biting mutt to the mall huh? Good thing I had my brand new adidas on when I stepped on your toy's "duty"… The mall is for kids on a leash not dogs, keep the dog in the car. hahahaha

  • Lance

    LMAO. People who get pissed about this never had a child that has a tendency to disappear in half a second. Honestly, When I was this age, I was almost run over by a car because I darted out of a laundromat. All my mom seen was a streak. I came inches (literally) to death.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Whatever. These leashes saved my life when I was about 2. I’m all for it. It’s not like you’re using it the entire child’s life. It’s very helpful for kids toddlers.

  • Bill

    You know what thats not even funny in the least so how about I cut your asshole out of your butt and stitch weld it to your upper lip so you can smell just how much of a shit head you really are.

  • Bill

    Until you have a kid who takes off like a bat out of hell but quietly you’ll have no idea how much of a godsend these things are and as another stated they really can and do save the lives of children such as the escape artists or the child molester wannabe below.

  • EsP

    Understood, however, when the child runs forward, and the “leash” is pulled tight and the child get yanked backwards? That cannot be good….I am thinking future Back Problems?

  • aaron

    no sir that was pretty funny. You however should get the large object removed from your anus. OR GET OF THE FUCKING INTERNET AND GET A SENSE OF HUMOR. Bill you just added yourself to thechive shitlest along with xclusive02. He is a huge chode good luck catching up to him

  • LOL

    If you look closely you’ll see that some of the children appear to be Black or Oriental in their genetic make up. 😉

  • me

    The kids love the backpacks. My kid tells me that I need to remember to bring the monkey when we leave the house

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Not really. When I was about 2 my mother (along with my twin and my youngest sister in a carriage) were walking along the sidewalk. I happened to stray into the street. Kids tend to be curious and wander around. It’s very difficult to keep multiple kids to stay on the sidewalk, especially at ages of 4 and under.

    Anyway, a bus happened to be storming by. Alarmed, my mother pulled my child-leash and brought me back to the sidewalk. Only back problems I have are from standing on my feet for 12 hour shifts at my part-time job (during weekends).

  • Solracarom

    It’s not bads parenting at all… It’s simply taking care of your kids. Remember, people: They are kids. They don’t have the “malice” to get away from possible hazardous situations. Their attention gets caught on the simplest things. And if that thing is across the street… they will run for it. And in that PRECISE monent, you turn your head the other way because somene bumped you in the street….

    Yes, it’s hard for that to happen, but it does happen. That’s why those things are called “accidents”. They happen with no reason at all and in a second.

    I’m in for the use of this ones. I do have a five-month-old baby and when she grows up, she’ll have one of those for sure.

  • The Alpha Geek

    I was on a leash up to my 5th birthday (or somewhere there abouts) and looking back, it was a wonderful idea. I was a terror in shopping malls and K-mart, and I’m sure the leash saved my life on a number of occasions.

    Both of my nephews have been on leashes (one still is sometimes, if he’s being a turd) and it seems to have no ill effect. All parents should have them, especially these days (most people shouldn’t be reproducing, have no responsibility, and don’t know how to raise children.)

    Buy a leash, Spank and park your kids, and reward them for good behavior. Encourage them, and be supportive and helpful.

  • Not one of these crazy white boys

    hows the mcdonalds job workin out sucka?

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