It's not a kid, it's a dog (18 Photos)

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kid leash lead It's not a kid, it's a dog (18 Photos)

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  • Girls We’d Love to Wake Up to. |

    […] Speaking of dogs, you ever see those cute little dogs on leashes that bear a striking resemblance to babies? Yeah, those are that type of parents I’d like to hit. That ain’t your dog lady, that’s you f***ing kid! Is there a reason they need a leash? Here are those parents with their kids on leashes. (TheChive) […]

  • Momof1

    Atleast my sons Harness is cheaper then a funeral

  • mpw

    Yea great idea for lazzy ass parents who are to busy to watch there kids when there walkin.strictly for LAZY ass fucks like in the pics above.congrats it saved ur life,glad to know every dog has its day lmfao!

  • Benny

    So you were the one that brought that ankle biting mutt to the mall huh? Good thing I had my brand new adidas on when I stepped on your toy's "duty"… The mall is for kids on a leash not dogs, keep the dog in the car. hahahaha

  • Lance

    LMAO. People who get pissed about this never had a child that has a tendency to disappear in half a second. Honestly, When I was this age, I was almost run over by a car because I darted out of a laundromat. All my mom seen was a streak. I came inches (literally) to death.

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