Bernie Madhoff's Ponzi paid pads (40 photos)

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a Bernie Madoff penthouse beach house 1 Bernie Madhoff's Ponzi paid pads (40 photos)

[SOURCE NBCNewyork.comm via]

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  • Equalizer

    I Know… I Know… It’s a BULL!!!…

  • Chris

    hope it was worth going to hell over… mwah ha ha

  • Psara

    You’d think he could have nicer bathrooms.

  • bigdaddy

    what a shitbag!

  • rudeboi

    there is a special place in hell for this kind of greed

  • doodahdoodoo

    i think if we bleed out a lot more of these white collar criminals in the streets in a most horrifying, slow, and inhumane fashion, people may be more reluctant to be cunt rags like this guy.

    like i’m thinking of a torture on the level of Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony.”

    i don’t…… *think* that’s unreasonable. am i wrong here?

    can’t we be civilized and still be savages when it serves the greater good? or when it’s retribution for those who have harmed the greater good?

    i don’t have enough faith in an afterlife to defer to hell for punishing people like this.

  • Dean

    you would think his places would be nicer they all look like shit compared to some houses iv been in, granted i cant afford any of them. but i did like the boat

  • Dean

    and the bulls represent the bull market strategy not just the fact that hes full of it

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