Daily Afternoon Randomness 9.11.09 (20 Photos)

occupation lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 9.11.09 (20 Photos)

  • Will Tex

    I think the real question is, did hellhathnofury see Chive’s response@ hot chivers?

  • Listerine

    redneck underwater pilots

  • lina

    i really like the kitten-looking-at the-cat-looking-at the-kitten-in the-computer picture…very cute

  • Equalizer

    What the hell is that 2nd to the last picture?

  • hellooo

    Looks like some kinda Snake eating a Horse or something.
    Looks like its been Shopped.

  • wakawaka

    Nah, it’s real. its a huge snake eating a Kangaroo. Go Australia.

  • robin yates

    the snake with a kangaroo is amazing,,,,,,,,, any links to more of this anyone ?

  • IfYouSeeKay

    Ha! Womens rights

  • Brandon

    The hentai dinner one is so sad and creepy

  • HANK

    They forgot orgasms on the what older men can give you post.

  • Kevrobmc

    Rofl @ women have rights – I'm no chauvinist, but it's funny to joke 'bout it.

  • HellHathNoFury

    yup. See my response to his?

  • Lance

    yeah, it made absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever

  • blah

    Ha! Men’s brains

  • eric

    no im the batman

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