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lead mcdonald photo Daily Afternoon Randomness

  • robin yates

    good pics,,thanks,,,,,,,,,,what sort of fish is that ?

  • Digitsis

    I have no idea what that is. That fish is why I stick to the pools for swimming rather than lakes and rivers. Freaky

  • Gogo

    Wtf, i thought they were fighting 😀

  • LOL

    The plan B? thing is LOL funny. OH I would be pissed if someone did that to me. 😛

    The gay test thing is good. The guy needs to have his foot tipped up or something to look like it could be a belly button though.

    The bat is FREAKIN’ HUGE. :o!

  • Jazzy

    the gay test one is genuis!

  • Equalizer

    Only thing that I saw is Tits… Where’s the people dancing?…

  • Bill

    The fish was caught somewhere in Russia but the poster of the pics from another site similar to the chive but more about life in Russia also had no clue.

  • HellHathNoFury


  • HellHathNoFury

    blondie went super-saiyan!!!

  • DANG

    Wow! That guy can breathe fire AND sticks!

  • I'm pretty sure.

    The fish is called a tiger jawfish and they are quite dangerous.

  • Bang

    You gay bro.

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